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Forbes House


45 residents

18 single rooms and 13 double rooms on five hallways: 2nd Floor East; 3rd Floor East; 2nd Floor West; 3rd Floor West; and the Garden View Floor.

Distinguishing Characteristics
Forbes House is on the main campus, next to the dining hall.  The house has a main common room with a TV VCR/DVD; a study/work room (the Harding Room) with several computers and a printer, and a piano; a game room with a pool table; a kitchen with a microwave, stove and refrigerator; and a faculty duty office.

The dormitory has four floors and five separate residence hallways, each of which has its own smaller common room and bathroom facilities. Class IV (freshmen) live together on one floor with two Class II (junior) proctors; and the remaining floors have a mixed balance of upperclassmen, each lead by a Class I (senior) mentor and Class II (junior) proctors.

Four faculty and their families live in apartments within or attached to Forbes House—one on each of the four floors.  Forbes House is one of the original dormitories on campus, and was fully renovated in the summer of 2016.


House Council, led by an elected House Monitor and Class representatives;
Night-time Capture the Flag;
Touch-football on the quad;
Hanging out on the Forbes porch;
Partnership with Robbins House – Forbes/Robbins dinners;
House trips out to dinner, bowling and the movie theater;
Students’ achievements celebrated with “shout-outs” at weekly dorm meetings;
Trips into Boston by Forbes floor “families;”
Holiday dorm caroling;
Exam Week dorm-store snacks and fry-feed;
Pool and video-game tournaments;
Forbes “Spirit Award;”
Forbes lapel pin;
Senior Honors Dinner (where seniors pass on the Forbes lapel pin)