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Girls’ Basketball


Team Philosophy

Commitment and Belief
Be positive. Great minds discuss ideas. Small minds discuss people.
As a member of this girls’ basketball team you represent yourself, the Academy, the athletic department, your teammates and coaches. All team members are expected to conduct themselves with the highest level of respect on the court, in the classroom, and in the community.


Committed to hard work:
Our program is built on the concept that hard work pays off. We believe that we work harder than anyone else, and because of that, we always deserve to win. All it takes, is all you have.

Committed to becoming a smart player:
Our players must be ready to learn. We believe we work smarter than anyone else. We must develop players who understand the game. Our players must be good listeners and learn by watching. We must make good decisions and play with poise. We prepare mentally for practice and games.

Committed to our team attitude and concept:
We must have players who believe in our team concept. Our program is built on the concept that the team is always bigger than one player. We need unselfish players!

Committed to a winning attitude:
Our players must be committed to winning but understand that we don’t measure our success by winning alone. Each time we play, we evaluate ourselves on reaching our potential. Each time we step on the court we want to be better individually and better as a team. The test for our team is to play against the game, not just our opponent. We never quit and are always looking for a way to win.


Believe in our system:
Commit yourself to our philosophy and to our system of play. Be a sponge and soak up the concept of how we play. Learn your role and then accept your role and be the best at whatever your role may be—all roles are equally important to the success of this team.

Believe in yourself:
Play with confidence, think positive and help each other. Realize that you are a great player. Don’t get down when you play poorly. Be a leader and lead by example.

Believe in your teammates:
Communicate with each other and help each other. Remember the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack. Encourage each other and support each other – if one fails we all fail. Be a friend and understand that we are all different.

Believe in your coaches:
Understand that your coaches are trying to help make you better people and players. Ask questions and don’t be negative. Learn to take criticism in a positive way. You must believe that the coaches are doing what they think is right for the team and for you.

Winning doesn’t start around you—it begins inside you!

Team Mission Statement
  1. We are committed to helping each player in our program reach her full academic and athletic potential.
  2. We will provide our players with the guidance and support to help them mature and grow into successful, confident women who will make a positive contribution to society.
  3. Through their participation in our basketball program, we expect that our players will learn life skills that will better equip them to handle the challenges they will face throughout their lives.
  4. We will play an exciting brand of basketball which will be fun for our players and provide the highest form of entertainment for our fans.
  5. Our players will be well drilled in all basketball fundamentals and be prepared for every opponent on our schedule. We will put our players in the best position to win every time they take the floor.
  6. All team members will be in peak physical condition.
  7. Our players will consistently exhibit a high degree of energy, enthusiasm, and competitiveness in every practice and every game.
  8. We will insist that our players play with the concept of the team above the individual. Teamwork and unselfishness are the foundation of developing and maintaining a winning attitude and winning program. Team members will support and encourage each other every day.
  9. Our players will exhibit good sportsmanship in every competitive situation, win or lose.  They will represent themselves, our basketball program, and Milton Academy with class on the court and off the court.
  10. We will have fun!
Coaches and Captains

1st Team (Varsity)

Head Coach: Tyreese Garrick

Entering her first year as Girls Varsity Head Basketball coach, Tyreese Garrick is no stranger to Milton Academy. She has served as both the head coach for the girl’s freshman basketball team during the 2016-2017 season and was an assistant for the girls’ varsity team during the 2020 winter season. Coach Garrick comes to Milton with an abundance of knowledge for the game. Having grown up playing the sport since the age five, her “student of the game” mindset was instilled early on, and her passion was and is still ever present. As a player, Tyreese’s ability to see and read the floor not only allowed her to be dominate 1000-point scorer, but an extremely efficient distributer always getting her teammates involved and putting them in highly effective positions to be successful. Coach Garrick has trained and played professionally overseas which not only enhanced her love for the game but broadened her scope of the sport and the life lessons that basketball can, has and continues to instill in her. Tyreese has been fortunate enough to have been able to travel distances, both near and far, playing basketball and forging lasting connections with those she’s encountered along the way. It is Coach Garrick’s hope that her passion, zest, and knowledge of the game be infused into her student athletes in order to create a constantly growing, diverse and winning culture both in the classroom, on the court and along life’s journey.

Assistant Coaches: Kedner Abelar & Tori Perez

Captains: Claire Candela ’23, Mari Rounds ’23, Laura Sullivan ’23, Sanaa Slayman ’24

2nd Team (Junior Varsity)
Head Coach: Patrick Owens
Assistant Coach: Molly Swain

3rd Team (Freshmen)
Head Coach: Steve Glennon
Assistant Coach: Libby Czarniak



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