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teamun2_1Julia Iansiti (III) and Alastair Bastian (III) are Model United Nations partners who balance each other out. “We work very well together,” says Julia. “We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.” The two have participated in various Model UN conferences and competitions, either individually or as a pair, earning much recognition for their work.

Earlier this month, they won Outstanding Delegate Team at the Princeton Model United Nations Conference, where over 1,200 students competed.

“The Princeton conference is one of the most elite, geared toward experienced Model UN students, usually juniors and seniors,” says history faculty member Alan Gluck, who accompanied the students to Princeton. “As sophomores, Julia and Alastair competing in this event was very unusual, and their work was very impressive.”

Julia and Alastair were assigned to represent the United Arab Emirates. Before the conference they co-wrote a paper discussing their country’s position on two topics: an arms trade treaty and the situation in Kosovo. Complex and interesting research is involved in preparing, but both Julia and Alastair love getting to the conference to do their thing.

“I love public speaking,” says Julia. “I love the competition—trying to disprove people who aren’t on your side. I also like making connections between what should be done and what can be done, and trying to implement that in a real life setting.”

Alastair agrees, and adds that he enjoys the atmosphere of the events and “meeting all the cool people.”

“The students know so much about current events. They are all so smart and interesting,” says Alastair.

Brian Trippe (I) and Mallika Iyer (II) also attended the conference and “did an excellent job,” says Mr. Gluck. This was the inaugural appearance of Milton Academy students at the Princeton conference.

“I was there to provide intellectual support, but the students were all very independent and didn’t need much help,” says Mr. Gluck. He also praised the Model UN Club co-heads Adam Beckman (I) and Libby Perold (I) who were instrumental in getting permission and laying the groundwork for Milton to attend the conference.