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In May, we received a final report from RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network), the external consultant that Milton commissioned last year to conduct a comprehensive assessment of our policies, procedures and protocols regarding sexual misconduct.

RAINN presented its findings, many of which pointed favorably to Milton’s existing policies, including efforts to prevent and respond to acts of sexual misconduct for current students and employees; RAINN was also complimentary of Milton’s response to incidents of past sexual misconduct. They offered recommendations to Milton, such as codifying our practices relative to sexual misconduct into a standalone sexual misconduct policy, and continuing our education and training efforts for faculty, staff, and students. Milton has since begun work on these recommendations, and we are also in the process of establishing a formal sexual assault response team.

In August, representatives from RAINN conducted a three-hour training session for 30 individuals considered to be “key responders” to sexual misconduct in the Upper School. RAINN representatives returned to conduct two-hour sessions for Milton faculty and staff. These interactive sessions were mandatory for faculty and staff, and provided an overview of several areas, including sexual harassment and assault; trauma response; community safety intervention and strategies; and communication skills and strategies, such as providing resources to those affected by sexual misconduct. At the start of the school year, RAINN provided education sessions to all four grades in the Upper School. These sessions were tailored to meet the developmental needs of each grade, and focused on providing students with an overview of sexual misconduct, healthy relationships, consent, communication about sexual misconduct, student safety, and resources for those affected by misconduct.

We are in the final stages of completing the recommended sexual misconduct policy. RAINN has helped us to formalize this policy, and we anticipate introducing it to students, parents, faculty and staff in early October. If you have any questions, please contact Deborah O’Toole, staff co-chair of the Healing and Safety Oversight Committee at 617-898-2286 or

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