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As a follow up to the sexual misconduct investigation, we contracted with the Rape Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) to conduct an external assessment of our policies, procedures and protocols regarding sexual misconduct. Since the start of this process, we have done a significant amount of work with RAINN. Representatives from RAINN were on campus in October to begin their work with Milton. In November, Milton submitted a significant number of documents RAINN requested from us. Then, in January and February, RAINN conducted two different multiple day site visits where they met with faculty, staff, administrators and students. We are now waiting for RAINN’s report to Milton, which will include an executive summary of recommendations and a full report. We expect to receive these documents in mid-April, and a meeting with RAINN in early May will follow. We will post an action plan after we have the opportunity to review their recommendations. To date, RAINN has been a pleasure to work with—they ask relevant questions, stick to timelines, and are helpful and solution- focused. As a school, we look forward to receiving their final report and recommendations.


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