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08-12_demo_1Construction crews demolished the Health Center today; it stood on land within the footprint of the Pritzker Science Center, now underway. All of the debris from the Health Center will go to a recycling center. According to Mark Rollins of Shawmut Design and Construction, “the typical recycling rate for this type of mixed debris is on the order of 75 percent. All of the wood, metal and concrete will be recycled. Concrete is usually broken down and used as clean fill. The metal has a high value for reuse and is melted and reused in creating many new products. The wood is most often broken into small bits and used in the creation of composite woods and decking.” Students and staff now use an interim Health Center in Faulkner House while Milton looks forward to a new Health and Counseling Center. Construction should begin this spring and the Center should be open by year end, 2009.