Forbes Goodwin Society

2016–2017 Report on Giving

Planned giving donors are recognized as members of the Forbes Goodwin Society. Established in 1991, the society honors John Murray Forbes who gave the School’s first gift of endowment in 1885, and Sarah Storer Goodwin, who led the Girls’ School from 1901 to 1928. Forbes Goodwin Society members’ generosity enables Milton to advance its mission and ensure that the School will continue to thrive and serve the students of tomorrow.

Anonymous (11)

Mr. Jonathan A. Abbott ’71

Mrs. Marion T. Adams ’50 and Dr. Thomas Adams M

Mr. Oakes Ames ’43 P ’71 G ’10 M

Ms. Torrey Susan Androski ’98 M

Dr. James S. Apthorp ’41

Mrs. Mary Pratt Ardant ’54 M

Mr. John P. Avlon ’91 and Ms. Margaret C. Hoover M

Mr. Kenneth H. Bacon P ’89 ’93

Ms. Elizabeth Bergan Barrett ’71

Ms. Jean T. Barrett ’73 and Mr. David A. Gibb M

Mrs. Hanna Higgins Bartlett ’56 *M

Mr. Samuel L. Batchelder, Jr. ’50 P ’87 ’90 M

Ms. Joan Bentinck-Smith ’42 M

Ms. Kitty Benton ’52 P ’80 M

Mr. Alfred B. Bigelow ’50

Dr. Douglas K. Bingham ’58 M

Mr. Thomas C. Bolton ’60 P ’95 M

Mr. Russell Bourne ’46 M

Nathaniel Bowditch ’62 and Susan W. Bowditch P ’95

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Brainard ’50 M

Ms. Anne L. Brewer ’66 M

Ms. Joan R. Brewster ’82 M

Colonel Francis G. Brigham, Jr. ’33

Mr. Jacob F. Brown II ’52 M

Ms. Jane W. Burley ’69

Senator Peter H. Burling ’63

Mr. J. Michael Burry ’46 M

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Burton P ’22 ’24 ’27 M

Mrs. Ann C. Campbell ’39 M

Mr. Sanford R. Cardin ’75

Mrs. Catherine Carleton ’55 M

Mr. Raymond Chan ’93

Mr. Stuart E. Chase ’80

Dr. M. Doris Lai and Mr. Guy Chung P ’78 ’85

The Honorable Martha F. Clark ’60 and Dr. Geoffrey E. Clark P ’93 ’99 M

Ms. Margaret D. Cooley ’57 M

Dr. William C. Corea ’70 and Mrs. Patricia J. Corea M

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Coyne P ’90 ’93

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Crocker II ’58 M

Ms. Elizabeth Bowes Dakin ’81 M

Mr. Roger Dane ’52

Mr. and Mrs. George P. Davidson ’58 M

Mr. Holbrook R. Davis ’39

Mr. Jay G. Davis ’68

Mr. Alfred H. de Graaff ’50 M

Mr. John P. de Neufville ’57 M

Mrs. Sherrell Bingham Downes ’58 G ’13 ’14 ’14 M

Mrs. Joyce Duncan P ’76

Mrs. Alexandra Boyd Earle ’53

Dr. John M. Eaton ’52 M

Mr. David H. Ehrlich ’54 M

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Fitzgibbons ’52 P ’87 ’90 ’93 M

Mrs. Sarah B. Flynn ’54 M

Mr. Carleton S. Francis III ’56 P ’90

Mr. Peter C. Frechette ’78 M

Mr. Edwin P. Fredie P ’96 ’00

Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Freeman ’53

Mr. Robert G. Fuller, Jr., Esq. ’57

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Gaillard ’35

Ms. Frederica Gamble ’58 M

Mr. David Endicott Gannett ’58

Mrs. Clementina Brown Gardner ’52

Mrs. Joanne S. Gill P ’96 ’96 ’97

Mr. Peter H. Gleason ’63 M

Mr. Christopher W. D. Gould ’73

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Grandin III ’63 M

Ms. Suzan H. Greenup ’75 P ’02 ’06 M

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh D. S. Greenway ’54 P ’81 G ’13

Ms. Lucie C. Greer ’84 M

Mrs. Margaret Jewett Greer ’47 P ’77 ’84 G ’09 ’13 ’14 M

Dr. Thomas F. Gregg ’54

Mr. Harry Guild, Jr. ’46

Mr. Craig B. Haines, Jr. ’54 M

Ms. Susan Hall ’57

Ms. Cynthia Hallowell ’54 M

Mrs. Elinor Lamont Hallowell ’53 G ’20 M

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Handy ’40 M

Mr. William D. Hartmann ’54 P ’86 M

Ms. Caroline Haussermann ’43

Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Hazen P ’93

Mr. C. S. Heard, Jr. ’54

Mr. James F. Hejduk

Mr. Bayard Henry ’49 P ’77 ’79 M

Ms. Elizabeth C. Hills ’53

Mrs. Elizabeth S. Hilton P ’55 ’58

Gail and Matthew Hoffman P ’10 ’12 ’14 ’15 M *

Ms. Grace Holden ’70

Mr. R. Andrew Holleron

Mr. Peter H. Holmes ’64

Mrs. Sarah F. Houlihan ’57 M

Mr. Osborn Howes ’42

Mr. Charles P. Howland ’63 M

Ms. Faith Howland ’61 M

Dr. George L. Hoyt ’47

Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Hubby, Sr. ’57

Ms. Lynn N. Huidekoper ’63

Ms. Barbara Isherwood

Mrs. Margaret C. Ives ’43 M

Mr. Frederick W. Jackson ’50

Mr. Harold W. Janeway ’54 P ’79 ’81 ’87 G ’12 ’14 M

Ms. Margaret A. Johnson M

Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Johnstone P ’92

Mr. George A. Kellner P ’87 M

Mr. Peter B. Kellner ’87

Mr. Charles F. Kessler ’90

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen King P ’88 ’90

Mrs. Mary S. Kingsbery ’42

Mrs. Rebecca Faxon Knowles ’51 M

Mr. Eben A. Knowlton ’51

Mrs. Edie Rotch Lauderdale ’46 M

The Honorable James M. Lombard ’57 P ’90 ’94 M

Mr. Jeffrey D. Long ’76

Ms. Elizabeth Lyman ’74

Mr. Robert W. Lyons ’75 M

Mrs. Constance Bradley Madeira ’35 M

Ms. Karin Mahony ’78

Mr. Hugh W. Marlow ’53

Mrs. Wendy Cutter Maynard ’59

Mr. John T. McCutcheon III ’67 P ’05

Mr. F. Warren McFarlan ’55

Mr. Terrance P. McGuire ’87

Mr. Robert B. McKay ’84 M

Mrs. Ellen G. Miles ’59 M

Mrs. Jocelyn L. Miller ’76 M

Mrs. Judith R. Millon ’52 M

Mr. David D. Moir ’74

Mrs. Tia D. Moir P ’74

Mrs. Rose Morgan

Mr. Michael Nash ’56 M

Mr. Andre J. Navez ’51 M

Mr. Francis W. Newbury ’56 M

Mrs. Lori Newman P ’69

Dr. Steven B. Newman ’69 P ’04 M

Mrs. Marjorie Handy Nichols ’38 M

Mrs. Martha North and Mr. Cecil J. North, Jr. ’48 P ’81 M

Mrs. Wendy Brewer Paddock ’59

The Honorable and Mrs. Deval L. Patrick ’74 P ’04

Mrs. Leslie B. Perkin

Mrs. Charlton Jacobs Phelps ’43 M

Ms. Judith M. Phillips ’50

Mrs. Geraldine Phillip Pierre ’89

Mrs. Katherine S. Plimpton P ’67 ’72 ’74 G ’02

Mr. Kevin A. Porter ’84

Dr. Robert W. Radtke ’82

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Reardon, Jr. ’56 M

Mrs. Katharine W. Reardon ’63 P ’95 M

Mr. John Sherburne Reidy ’56 M

Mr. Edward Reynolds, Sr. ’44 P ’72 ’74 ’83

Ms. Elizabeth P. Riegelman ’70

Mrs. Diana Roberts Bray ’62 P ’89 ’95 ’96 ’99 M

Reverend Michael S. Robertson ’53 P ’81 ’81 ’83 ’88 G ’13 ’17

Mr. Mark E. Rodgers ’84

Ms. Laura H. Rogers

Ms. Patsy Rogers ’55 M

Mr. Paul A. Schmid III ’61 M

Mr. Frederick A. Schwarz, Jr. ’53 P ’79 ’81 M

Mr. H. Marshall Schwarz ’54 P ’84 M

Ms. Pamela W. Sebastian ’62 M

Professor Walter A. Sedelow, Jr. M

Ms. Ann C. Sheffield ’59 P ’88 M

Mr. Jason M. Simon ’01 M

Mr. S. Bruce Smart, Jr. ’41 G ’01 M

Mrs. Sarah Thompson Soule ’46 M

Judge George R. Sprague ’56

Ms. Carolyn P. Stetson ’67

Mrs. Anne Brewer Stone ’42 and Mr. Galen L. Stone ’39 P ’72 G ’00 ’02 M

Mrs. Margaret W. Sullivan P ’07 ’09 G ’07 ’12 ’13 ’14

Mrs. Edith V. Sweeney ’60 P ’84 M

Jonathan N. Swett ’59 and Diane Frary M

Mr. Robert S. Sylvester, Jr. ’66

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Taylor

Mrs. Pam Thayer

Mrs. Lindley Greenough Thomasset ’64 M

Mrs. Marion Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Thorndike ’49 P ’73 ’74 M

Ms. Constance T. Trowbridge ’54

Professor and Mrs. Joseph S. Ullian ’48 M

Ms. Lydia D. Unfried ’90 M

Mr. Garrison N. Valentine ’46

Mr. William H. Vanderbilt, Jr. ’63

Mr. Peter H. Walsh ’88 M

Mrs. Elinore L. Washburn

Dr. Stephen L. Washburn ’43 M

Dr. Dorothy Altman Weber ’60 and Mr. Stephen R. Weber P ’04 M

Mr. Joel K. Wechsler ’53

Mr. William D. Weeks ’44 P ’72 ’79 ’81 M

Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Weil P ’70 ’78

Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Wendell, Jr. ’58 P ’94 ’98 ’01 M

Mrs. Frances Wheeler-Berta

Mr. Robert G. White ’48 P ’83 ’85 ’87 M

Ms. Susan M. White ’79

Ms. Judith Whiteside ’65

Mr. Anthony J. Wilkins, Jr. ’87 M

Mrs. Elsa Barr Williams ’51 M

Mrs. Helen C. Wilmerding ’57

Mrs. Adela Bartholomew Wilmerding and Mr. Lucius Wilmerding III ’48 M

Mr. Richard B. Wilson ’68 M

Mrs. Katherine Cumnock Winter ’59 G ’22 ’23 ’25 ’26 M

Mr. David B. Wood III ’83

Dr. and Mrs. Edward F. Woods P ’74 ’76 ’78 M

Mr. Todd A. Wyett ’84

Mrs. Helen Yeh P ’77 G ’14

Italics identify donors who are now deceased, but who made gifts during the 2016–2017 fiscal year.
A * (star) indicates Parent Fund or Alumni/ae Volunteers for the Milton Fund, or a Reunion Volunteer.

An M indicates an individual or family who has made gifts to the Milton Fund for three consecutive years.

A ¤ Indicates an individual or family who has made gifts to a non-Milton Fund for three consecutive years.

The Report on Giving

The Report on Giving recognizes the generosity of Milton's graduates, parents, faculty, staff, parents of graduates, grandparents and friends whose contributions help ensure that Milton's students continue to have the very best educational experience possible.

Thank You

We sincerely appreciate and wish to acknowledge donors who made gifts between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017 in the 2016–2017 Report on Giving. Your support makes an important difference in the lives of students, faculty and in our community. To make a gift and be recognized in the 2017–2018 report, visit:


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this report. If errors or omissions have occurred, please accept our apologies and our stewardship team at 617.898.2447 so that corrections can be made. Thank you.