2016–2017 Report on Giving

The generosity of parents is a cornerstone of philanthropy for Milton. During the 2016-2017 school year, 71 percent of parents of students in grades K–12 made gifts to the Milton Fund—an incredible mark of support for the School. We are sincerely grateful to our current parents for helping enrich our learning environment and ensure Milton’s fiscal health.


Anonymous (7)

David E. Abramowitz and Megan M. Kelleher P ’27 M

Nurys Abreu P ’20 M

Aaron and Elizabeth Albright P ’19 ’21 ’23 M

George and Marlena Alex P ’17 ’21 M

Perry Ambulos and Mary Kuh-Ambulos P ’18 M

Elizabeth S. Ames and Oliver F. Ames, Jr. P ’17 M

Dr. Nancy B. Anderson and Timothy C. Anderson P ’28

Devon Angelini ’94 and Dwight Angelini P ’27

Lianne and T.K. Ankner P ’20

Dr. Kelli J. Armstrong and Brian Griffin P ’18 M *

Sam and Tess Atkinson P ’19 M

Dr. Elizabeth R. Atwood and William C. Atwood P ’13 ’14 ’17 M

Joelle Marie and Serge Auguste P ’18 M

Lennox and Pollyanne Austin P ’20 M

Malcolm Baker and Christina Wood Baker P ’18 ’21 M

Dr. Alice D. Murphy and William M. Bancroft, Jr. P ’19 M

Professor Charles Barber and Dr. Laura Radin P ’20 M

Diana M. Barrett ’82 and C. R. Barrett III P ’15 ’17 ’20 *

Robert S. Barron and Susan M. Holgate P ’17 ’20 M

Ibrahima Barry and Koudedji D. Koita P ’19 ’23 M

Michael and Pauline Bartkus P ’19

Angela Vallot and James Basker P ’17 M

Dr. Denise S. Basow and Dr. Robert D. Basow P ’17 M

Joan M. Bateman and Robert H. Bateman, Jr. P ’20 M

Dr. Laura Collins and Martin J. Batt P ’17 M

Linda R. Beane P ’17

Denise G. Beaudoin and Thomas A. Beaudoin, Sr. P ’11 ’13 ’17 M

Lisa D. Beck and Sara-Beth Havican P ’18 M

Peter H. Becker ’82 and Kristin C. Becker P ’20 M

D. Scott and Laura Beebe P ’18 M

Tadesse G. Bekele and Bisrat T. Wudu P ’19 M

David and Tracy Belyea P ’26 M

Christine Beniers and Robert K. Beniers II P ’15 ’17 *

Paula Berg P ’25 M

Dr. Paul D. Biddinger and Dr. Sudha B. Biddinger P ’20 M

Dr. Michael Blake and Dr. Ann Sweeney P ’22 ’25 M

Dr. Sarah L. Blake P ’21 M

Jennifer L. Blanksteen ’86 P ’19 M

Scott I. Blanksteen P ’19

Kelly Bliss P ’17 M

Dr. Elizabeth E. Bodner ’79 and Randall W. Bodner P ’13 ’15 ’17 M

Ali and Polly Bokhari P ’20 M

Adam J. Bookbinder ’86 and Dr. Dara Brodsky P ’20 M

Adam and Suzanne Bosnian P ’20 M

Dr. Brooke C. Bailey and Todd F. Bourell P ’23 ’26 ’27 M *

William Bower P ’14 ’16 ’18 ’20

David and Nina Bowman P ’16 ’20 M

Brendan Bradley P ’24 M

Garrett and Heather Bradley P ’20 M

Kristina Bieker-Brady and David P. Brady P ’19 M

Michael L. Branch, Jr. and Vilma L. Branch P ’18 M

Debra and Peter Brennan P ’15 ’17 M

William J. Bridgen and Laura A. Posten P ’22 M

Andrea and Stephen Brodeur P ’25 M

Tamsen M. Brown ’91 and Michael M. Brown P ’20 ’22 M *

Michael and Stephanie Bucci P ’16 ’19 M

Robin V. Buonato ’88 and Robert E. Buonato P ’22 ’24 M

Katy D. Burke P ’18 M

Joanne and Timothy Burke P ’17 ’20

Suzanne Y. Tapson and Gordon M. Burnes ’84 P ’17 ’17 M

Amanda and Jeffrey Burton P ’22 ’24 ’27 M

Jeffrey and Lynda Bussgang P ’18 ’20 M

Luke T. Cadigan ’85 and Reni D. Cadigan ’86 P ’16 ’17 M

Charles and Kristin Cain P ’25 ’28 *

Ryan Patrick Campbell P ’18

Laura and Paul Cannata P ’22 M

Gary A. Cantor P ’18 M

Qi-Zhong Z. Cao and Peggy L. Lin P ’18 M

Dr. Peter N. Capicotto and Linda A. Capicotto P ’16 ’18 M

David and Noel Cappillo P ’20 M

Emmanuel and Mona Cardichon P ’19 M

Ronne Carlton P ’18 M

Dr. Kara L. Carter and Charles R. Carter P ’19

Dr. Marcy G. Carty and Dr. Matthew J. Carty P ’24 ’25 M *

Ivania G. Cash P ’17

Brian and Dianne Casilli P ’18 M

Lewis Chan and Lisa Ng P ’17 M

Heng Jui Chang and Lillian Chen P ’18

Daniel and Paula Char P ’11 ’15 ’19

Ewald and Marjorie Charles P ’16 ’23 M

Lawrence K. Cheng and Kathleen Curran-Cheng P ’17 M

Kar Yung Christopher Cheong and Koboer Po Yee Ko P ’16 ’20

Dr. Marcus F. Cherry and Christine G. Cherry P ’20 M

Terry K. Cheung and Elaine S. Y. Hung P ’17 ’20 M

Xuan Chi and Zhongxin Li P ’29 M

Dr. Vincent W. Chiang and Susanne Chiang P ’18 ’20 *

Yong Jun Choi and Jeongmi Kwak P ’15 ’19 M

Elizabeth C. Baker and P. Tarim Chung P ’20 ’21 ’28

Willie Chung and Teresa Yeung P ’17 M

Patricia P. Claudy Schade and Chris S. Schade P ’17 ’20 M

Roberto and Tara Clivio P ’18 M

Sander K. Cohan ’96 and Katie Connolly P ’28 M

Gary P. Cole P ’18 M

Isabelle H. Cole P ’18 ’20 M

Yvette Coleman P ’17 M

Denae H. Comrie P ’17 M

Cameron and Moira Congdon P ’17

Kevin and Rachel Conn P ’20 M

Monica D. Cost P ’21 ’23 M

Pamela J. Crabtree and William O. Crabtree IV P ’17 M

Christopher and Lindy Crawford P ’19 ’21

Geoffrey K. Crawshaw ’81 and Janet Crawshaw P ’18 M

Gary and Kimberly Creem P ’22 M

Hope and Louis Crosier P ’21 M

Thomas and Kara Crowley P ’22 ’24 M

Peter X. Cui and Jun J. Yang P ’18 M

Yong Cui and Feng Tang P ’19

Laura J. Czarniak P ’17 ’18

Danelle E. Daley ’82 and John D. Daley P ’17 M

James T. Dallman and Grace E. La P ’23 M

Gennaro and Michelle D’Ambrosio P ’19 M

Lorn and Tamar Davis P ’16 ’20 M

Paula and Victor Davis P ’19 ’24 M

Dennis R. DeBassio ’95 and Nicole DeBassio P ’29 M *

Thomas Delea and Pearl Singhakowinta P ’19 M

Dr. Cecilia Avila and Dr. Paul H. Desan P ’17

Hugo J. DesRosiers and Amy H. Fong P ’19 M

Andre and Desiree Devonish P ’18 ’22 ’23 M

Dr. Atul Dhir and Maya Dhir P ’19

Abdoul and Mariama Diallo P ’19

Dr. Christopher W. DiGiovanni and Susan N. DiGiovanni P ’15 ’16 ’17 M

Karen A. DiGravio and Vicker V. DiGravio III P ’16 ’19 M

Christine and David DiMartinis P ’17 M

Dick and Beth Dionne P ’15 ’17 M

Christine and Lee Roy Dixon P ’22 M

Kara S. Donahue ’81 and Alec S. Berman P ’12 ’14 ’18 M

Evelyn Donkor P ’17 M

Lisa and Timothy Donovan P ’25 ’29 M

Robert A. Drisko and Hewon Hwang P ’20 M

Linda A. Druker and Jennifer B. Miller P ’29 M

Nicholas DuBois ’91 and Heidi DuBois P ’20 M

Jean and Marie Ducasse P ’20 M

Laura and Nathaniel Dudley P ’18 ’20

Dr. Polly Rimer Duke ’81 and Benjamin Duke P ’17 M

Suzanne Christensen and Michael Dunn P ’15 ’17 ’19 M

Jennifer and Marc Dupre P ’16 ’20 M

Clive and Karlene Eccleston P ’18 ’20

Greg and Barbara Ehret P ’19 ’20 M

Dr. Eman Elkadry and Dr. Hani Ibrahim P ’20 ’24 ’25 M

Darryl and Patricia Elliott P ’18

Peter G. Emerson ’80 and Julie T. Barton P ’13 ’16 ’19 M

Walter and Jane Enterline P ’17 M

Yunren Bolortuya and Burenjargal Erdenesanaa P ’11 ’17 ’21 M

Yves A. Estimphile and Dominique Manigat-Estimphile P ’24

Kharis and Nakia Eubanks P ’27 M

Louis T. Falcone, Jr. ’78 and Karen Falcone P ’16 ’19 M

Mingxing Fang and Yuhong Song P ’19 M

Dr. Omid C. Farokhzad and Dr. Shadi A. Farokhzad P ’23 ’25 M

Scott Fava P ’28

Morton L. Fearey II and Sharon F. Fearey P ’14 ’16 ’19

Jay and Jodi Feeney P ’17 M

Georgia and Jesse Feldman P ’28 M

Yeng Felipe Butler ’92 and Charles K. Butler P ’25 M

Dr. Rushika J. Fernandopulle and Maria Fernandopulle P ’17 ’19 ’21 *

Dr. Jennifer A. Johnson and David W. Finocchio P ’20 M

Caroline Fitzgibbons ’84 and Tad Smith P ’17 M

Agustin and Mylene Fleites P ’15 ’18 M

Elizabeth and John Flowers P ’20 ’22 ’25 M

Misael and Nicole Fossas P ’17

Kathleen C. Foster ’91 and James D. Foster P ’19 ’21 M

Lisa L. Foster ’78 and Jonathan M. Feigenbaum P ’18

Jodi Fox and Spencer Fox III P ’16 ’19 M

Michael S. Friedman and Dianne E. Perry P ’20 M

Jacob Friis and Hyun-A Park Friis P ’17 M

Brenda and Christopher Fuller P ’18

Dr. Kirsten Ecklund and Mr. Robert E. Furdak P ’17 ’20 M

Thomas Gagnon and Elizabeth Wood Gagnon P ’12 ’15 ’17 M

Paul and Rosemarie Gallagher P ’18 M

Allison S. Bailey and Gianluca M. Gallori P ’18 ’23 M

Rainer Galls and Christine Jolls Galls P ’17 ’18 M

Mahna Anjali and Atul Gandhi P ’18 M

Dr. Harriett W. Gardner P ’18 M

Harold and Laure Garnick P ’13 ’15 ’18 M

Peter L. Garran ’94 and Jennifer M. Garran P ’29 M

Christa B. Comeau and Peter E. Gelhaar P ’24 M *

Cynthia and Michael George P ’19 ’20 ’22

Kostas and Veronica Geroukos P ’18 ’19 ’29 M

Andrea Geyling-Moore and John Moore P ’20

William R. Gilson, Jr. P ’21 M

Glenn M. Gistis P ’16 ’18 M *

Kelly and Michael Glew P ’18 ’21 M

Christopher Goddu and Lisa Pirozzolo P ’14 ’17 M

Jeremy and Leah Goldberg P ’18 ’20 ’24 ’27

Matthew and Lisa Golden P ’13 ’17 M

Ethan D. Goldings and Catherine L. Platt P ’19

Victoria S. Graham ’81 and Mark R. Graham P ’18 M

Jennifer M. Grant ’95 and Adrian E. Grant P ’23 M

Helen and Thomas Grant P ’24 ’25 M

Anne and Brendan Greene P ’14 ’18 ’20 M

Dr. Whitfield B. Growdon ’94 and Dr. Amanda S. Growdon P ’26 ’29 M

Victoria Grubbs P ’20 M

Tommy Guan and Kathy S. B. Mei P ’14 ’18 M

Marta Alvarez and Rodrigo Gutierrez P ’19 M

Kimberly and Mark GwinnLandry P ’23 M

Dr. Andrew A. Hack and Dr. Anjali K. Hack P ’21 ’24

James R. Hackney and Ann P. McCarthy Hackney P ’19 M

Christopher and Michele Hales P ’16 ’20

David and Meredith Hall P ’14 ’20

Allen Han and Lichan Ying P’ 19 M

Dr. Bumgi Han and Sae Min Kim P ’19

Heidi and Jonathan Handler P ’18

Seth Handy ’85 and Charlotte Handy P ’17 M

Daniel and Michelle Hanly P ’18 ’20 M

Tanya and Thomas Hannah P ’17 M

Claudia and Juan Haro P ’20 M

Edward S. Hartman, MD ’85 and Virginia Ribeiro Hartman, MD P ’17 ’21 M

Jeffrey and Katrina Hartwell P ’15 ’17

Richard Hawkins ’74 and Rebecca Hawkins P ’11 ’15 ’18 M

Michael J. Hegarty ’80 and Nancy T. Hegarty P ’20 ’23 M *

Mark J. Hernon and Rachel B. Wohanka P ’14 ’19 M

Henry R. Heyburn, Jr. ’75 and Alicia Heyburn P ’20 M

Amy and Michael Hickey P ’09 ’19 M

Paul J. Higgins ’84 and Rachel A. Higgins P ’18 M

Robert and Suzanne Higgins P ’24 ’28 M

Lucius T. Hill III and Wendy Y. Hill P ’17 M

Yondias Hill P ’20 M

Ira and Lisa Hirsch P ’23 M

Carrie and John Hitt P ’19

Dr. Rachel A. Hitt and John R. Hitt P ’16 ’21

Keung Sing Ho and Lai Hing Lui P ’18 M

Katherine and William Hoffman P ’16 ’19 M

Arthur R. Hogan III and Eileen Hogan P ’16 ’17 M

Brian and Kerri Holland P ’29 M

Alison and Michael Hong P ’23 M

Mary and Milan Horbaczewski P ’17 M

Dong Hsu and Ping Zheng P ’19 M

Dr. Donald Z. Huang and Lin Zhang P ’20 M

Pengjun Huang and Xiaojin E. Wang P ’18 M

Belinda and Errol Hudson P ’17 M

Dr. Ling Cheung Hughes and Dr. Jesse L. Hughes P ’18 M

Danielle T. Chan and Wilson Y. Hui P ’18 M

Erin and Stephen Hull P ’22 M

Eric and Queen Idahor P ’18 ’20 M

Pamerson O. Ifill and Kulnathee Saengsin-Ifill P ’13 ’26

Manuel Igbokwe and Stella Memeh-Igbokwe P ’20 M

Bonita M. Irving and Stephen F. Irving, Sr. P ’11 ’20

Jean Marie and John Iwanicki P ’13 ’15 ’17 ’20 M

Robert and Nancy Jagaselvan P ’13 ’25 ’26 M

Doreen L. Duff and Kairaba L. Jarbi P ’20 M

Ann and Mark Jenness P ’19 M

Dr. Hongqi Jia and Wenji Liu P ’17 M

Asif and Jennifer Jilani P ’25 M

Neida Jimenez and David Sangurima P ’19 *

Xing Jin and Ning Xu P ’18

Karen and Richard Johnson P ’19 ’19

Dr. Keegan S. Johnson and Scott J. Johnson P ’27 M

Dr. David A. Jones and Cynthia D. Vreeland P ’16 ’19 M

Dr. Emma L. Robinson and Patrick V. Jones P ’18

Jennifer B. Jordan ’84 and Bret D. Jordan P ’18 ’20 ’20 M

Sonu and Nina Kalra P ’23 ’26 ’28 M

Larry and Luisa Kane P ’19 M

Jungha Gil and Namho Kang P ’19 M

Dennis and Gita Karle P ’18 ’22 *

Dr. Elizabeth W. Karlson and Steven E. Karlson P ’14 ’18 M

Dr. Laura J. Hillman and Andy S. Katz P ’20 M

Eric A. Katz P ’10 ’13 ’17 M

Seth M. Kaufman ’84 and Mary Kaufman P ’22 M

Robert and Wendy Kelley P ’19

Michael and Wendy Kennedy P ’18

Joseph and Maggie Keohan P ’18 M *

Rose A. Kernochan ’77 and Guy S. Wiggins, Jr. P ’18 M

Amin and Robin Khadduri P ’20 M

Dr. Elizabeth E. Kim P ’17 M

Dr. Jihyun Kang and Dr. Myung Joon Kim P ’17

Father Shin Sop Kim and Kyung W. Hwang P ’09 ’15 ’18 M

Yong M. Kim and Hye J. Moon P ’19

Dr. Myeong Shin Kim and Dr. Youngbin Kim P ’20 M

Amy and William King P ’20 M

John M. Kinnealey ’76 and Libby M. Kinnealey P ’22 ’23 M

Bill and Deb Knowlton P ’23 M *

Dr. Adam P. Kocoloski and Dr. Hillary A. Kocoloski P ’29 M

Nola and Torrance Kopfer P ’27 M

Heather E. Korostoff Murray P ’20 M

Dr. Serguei V. Kouzmine and Elena Kouzmina P ’17

Dr. Matthew B. Krepps and Stephanie S. Stamatos P ’29 M

Dr. Rini Verma and Srinivas Krishnaswamy P ’17

John F. Krotzer and Tania J. Romanoff P ’17 M

Neil M. Kulick P ’18 M

Sanjeev Kumar and Jaya Kumari P ’22 M

Stephen E. Kylander ’82 and Dr. Nathalie Laidler Kylander P ’18 M

Dr. Catherine S. Lachenauer and Robert G. Lachenauer P ’14 ’17 ’20 M

Haven Ladd ’92 and Molly Ladd ’92 P ’22 ’25 M *

Katherine and Vincent Lampley P ’22 M

Samuel E. Landau and Lisa R. Kalberer P ’16 ’18 ’23 ’26

Claire LaPorte P ’18 M

Cynthia and Douglas Lareau P ’18 ’22 M *

Dr. Susan B. Laster and Dr. Arthur F. Little III P ’15 ’18 M *

Andrew M. Laurence ’93 and Kelly G. Laurence P ’25 ’26 ’29 M

Dr. Kenneth S. Lawson and Laura W. Lawson P ’17

Stephen and Lisa Lebovitz P ’10 ’12 ’14 ’17 M

James and Wendy Lee P ’17 M

Georgia and Richard D. Lee P ’22 ’24 ’27 M

Robert J. Lee ’86 and Debbie Lee P ’20 M

Jiyeon and Seungjoon Lee P ’19 M

Christophe and Jing Legrand P ’18 M

Nicholas I. Leitzes ’88 and Claudia M. Leitzes P ’22 ’24 M

Bonnie L. Hertberg and Brian P. Lenihan P ’15 ’18 M

Susan L. Amster and Kenneth S. Leonetti P ’19 M

Dr. Gregory C. LeStage and Julia LeStage P ’17 ’19 M *

Kam Yin Leung and Mei-Ling Leung-Chan P ’17 M *

Olga Kasparova and Michael Leykin P ’26 M

Chong and Fang Li P ’18 M

Dr. Jennifer Huang and Ge Li P ’19

Dr. Guoan Li and Ling Zou P ’13 ’19

Dr. Daejin Lim and Dr. Sunyoung Na P ’20 M

Dr. Lawrence Lin and Peiling Chu P ’10 ’20

Lucia F. Lin and Prentice A. Pilot P ’21 M

Li Ling and Qian Ma P ’20 M *

Norman and Sarah Livingston P ’18 M

Dr. Hua C. Lu and Din Shih P ’16 ’18 M

Meng Chen and Xiangjun Lu P ’20 M

Lai Kei Ophelia Lo and Kin On Tony Luk P ’18 M

Wanru Huang and Zongjun Ma P ’19 M

Lisa and Scot MacGillivray P ’20 M

Colin and Eustacia MacNaught P ’29 M

Beth and Lawrence Magann P ’17 ’18 ’20 M

Kathleen M. Donovan-Maher and John R. Maher P ’21 M

Meaghan K. Mahoney P ’28 M

Sarah G. Manchester ’83 and Dr. E. Duff Bailey P ’17 ’19 M

Jill E. Mannino ’93 and Robert J. Mannino P ’26 M

Charles and Sharon Manuel P ’16 ’17

Christy and Frank Marinelli P ’29 M

J. Gregory Murphy and Maria Martignetti-Murphy P ’16 ’18 M

Tom and Polly Martinson P ’17 M

Elisabeth and Mark Massey P ’17

Pam and Stuart Mathews P ’13 ’17 ’17 M *

Elspeth McCann P ’15 ’17

Amanda and John McDonough P ’13 ’14 ’19

Mark McDuffee, Sr. and Jane Taylor-McDuffee P ’17 M

Dr. Doreen K. McLaughlin and John G. McLaughlin P ’21 ’23 ’25 M

Elizabeth and Tarez McNeil P ’22 M

Jennifer McReynolds and Leonard McReynolds IV P ’19

Danielle S. Adams and Alex C. Mehlman P ’20 M

Paul and Cecily Mehlman P ’16 ’18 M

Sussie Mensah-Narh P ’17 M

Joel Mentor, Jr. and Sayeeda Mentor P ’18

Claire D. Messud ’83 and James Wood P ’19 M

Ferial and Metri Metri P ’20 M

Michael and Suzanne Meyer P ’19 M

Dr. Dmitri V. Mikhailov and Svetlana N. Mikhailova P ’19 ’22 M

John A. Millard, Jr. ’87 and Jane S. Millard P ’18 M

Maria de la Luz Lopez Ortega and Aaron N. Miller P ’27 M

Ellen Barnett and Kevin J. Miller P ’20 M

Richard J. Bartley, Jr. and Mary-Katherine F. Miller P ’11 ’14 ’17 M

Anne and Peter Millington P ’22 ’24 M

Robert and Bridgette Minicus P ’16 ’18 M

Christopher M. Minot P ’12 ’14 ’18

Fannie I. Minot P ’12 ’14 ’18 M *

Yogesh P. Modak and Soumya Sivaraman P ’22 M

Amy and Bryan Mohn P ’19 M

Angel Mojica, Sr. and Jessica Mojica P ’17 M

Dan G. Monahan and Heather G. Woodcock P ’17 M

Courtney W. Monnich ’91 and Brian W. Monnich P ’20 ’21 ’23 ’25 M *

Dr. Philip M. Moremen and A. Mitra Morgan P ’19 M

Edward and Marci Morris P ’19

Patrice E. Morse ’84 and Carter D. Morse, Jr. P ’21 ’23 ’29 M

Dr. Senada Arabelovic and Dr. Matthew Mostofi P ’21 M

Lewis and Nadgeda Moten P ’29 M

Amanda and Peter Mrowka P ’17

Kristin and Stephen Mugford P ’19

Calicia Mullings P ’20 M

Johnathan and Kristin Munko P ’29 M

J.T. and Yuko Murphy P ’19 M

John Murray P ’20 M

Nicole and Terry Murray P ’15 ’17 ’19 M

Dr. Sherine Rabbat and George D. Mussalli P ’25 ’27 M

Daniel E. Muzquiz and Lannhi Tran-Muzquiz P ’28 M

Rossana Hu and Lyndon U. Neri P ’18

Dr. Cyrus B. Noble ’84 and Dr. Robin Noble P ’16 ’20 M

Alberto and Sandra Nunes P ’28

Kelly R. Fitzsimmons and Denis J. O’Brien P ’19

Michael O’Brien ’96 and Beth O’Brien P ’26 ’28 M *

Robert and Julie Ocko P ’23 ’23 M

Susan and Thomas O’Connell P ’14 ’16 ’17 M

Dr. Daniel J. O’Connor and Amy S. O’Connor P ’16 ’19 M

Lisa and Stephen O’Connor P ’17 ’17

Jane and Michael O’Connor P ’19

James J. Oh, Sr. and Kris Park P ’18 M

Gay and Michael O’Hanlon P ’17 M

Edward A. Okali and Carolle Regis P ’18 ’24 M

Dr. Ralph S. Oliver and Ann Marie Oliver P ’10 ’13 ’17 M

Alade and Bisola Oloko P ’17 M

Rebecca L. Simonds and Dr. Bjorn R. Olsen P ’18 M

Lei and Michael O’Malley P ’10 ’20 M

Michelle Fallon and Michael P. O’Malley P ’22 M

Meave G. O’Marah ’82 and Dr. Sandra M. Zaragoza P ’19 M

Necia D. O’Neill and Ray G. O’Neill III P ’20 M

Adanna and Ozuome Onyewuchi P ’20 M

Barbara Ora P ’14 ’18

Valentine C. Ora P ’14 ’18

Paul J. O’Sullivan ’82 and Kristen O’Sullivan P ’20 M

Deborah and Allan O’Toole P ’17 M

Eliza C. Oursler ’80 and Mark N. Oursler P ’12 ’17 M

Edward and Kelly Pacheco P ’18 M

Adam and Karyn Packard P ’20 M

Fernando and Katherine Paiz P ’21 ’23 ’27 ’29 M

Rossi Palacios P ’19 M

Tracy P. Palandjian ’89 and Dr. Leon Palandjian P ’17 ’18 ’20 M

Sandra and Walter Palmer P ’15 ’18 ’20 M

Jane and Paul Panariello P ’15 ’18 M

Dr. Ashvin N. Pande and Dr. Reena L. Pande P ’21 ’26 M

Mae Loh and Harry Pang P ’19 ’20 M

Deborah and James Pannell P ’17 M

Elaine and Samuel Park P ’14 ’14 ’16 ’18 M *

John and Laila Partridge P ’18 M

Sharon Paul and Brian K. Paul ’86 P ’17 ’18 ’20 M

John and Sally Peacock P ’20 M

Lisa and Noah Pearlstein P ’21 ’24 M

Lee Pelton P ’17 M

Dr. Delia Perlov and Larry E. Perlov P ’16 ’17

Justin J. Perreault P ’21 ’24 M *

Marsha Perreault P ’21 ’24

Dr. Diana V. Perry P ’21 M

Jeanne and Todd Peters P ’13 ’20 M

Matthew and Kelly Petherick P ’23 M

Jeff E. Piazza ’76 and Jean Piazza P ’17 M

Dr. Davida B. Pines ’85 and Dr. Louis Brenner P ’20 M

Pamela J. Pleasants and Youssef M. Alaoui P ’20 M

Kerry Polimeno P ’23 ’28

L. Anthony and Stephanie Polimeno P ’23 ’28

Alissa and Gregory Pool P ’22

Dr. Susan L. Pope and Eric S. Ziskend P ’14 ’17

Dr. Nicholas S. Potter and Susan K. Potter P ’17 M

Brad and Marcela Pouliot P ’20 M

Dr. Kristala L. Jones Prather and Darcy D. Prather P ’22 ’26 M

Jennifer and Steven Pratt P ’19

Carl E. Prindle ’86 and Elizabeth Prindle P ’18 M

Dr. Leon M. Ptaszek and Andrea L. Ptaszek P ’27 M

Elizabeth and Russell Pyle P ’18 ’21 M

Carlos and Maria Querido P ’22 M

Liping Qiu and Xuesong Lu P ’17 M

Joseph and Kimberly Quinlivan P ’19 M

Eric and Nancy Quintin P ’13 ’14 ’16 ’17 M

Dr. Fernande S. Raine and George B. Raine P ’21 ’23 ’26 ’27 *

Ananth and Padmaja Raman P ’18 M *

Jarrod and Lynnea Raper P ’21

Dr. Jennifer T. Kennedy and Nicholas A. Raposo P ’18

Allan and Kirsten Rappleyea P ’17 M

Paul Rebuck and Pamela L. Peedin P ’19 ’20 M

Dr. Ken M. Reed and Susan K. Reed P ’17 M

Michelle M. Persson Reilly and Mark A. Reilly P ’20 M

Walter Cowham and Holly Rendle P ’16 ’19 M

Jennifer and Justin Renz P ’23 M

Seth B. Reynolds ’90 and Sandra G. Reynolds P ’21 ’24 M

Dr. Erinn T. Rhodes and Jason P. Rhodes P ’17 ’20 M

Bridget Rice P ’23

Lucretia and Robert Risoleo P ’18 M

Christopher F. Robertson ’83 and Lesley R. Robertson P ’13 ’17

Dr. Murray O. Robinson and Alberta H. Chu P ’22 M

Mollie C. Miller and Robert K. Rodat P ’13 ’19 M

Antonio L. Rodriguez ’92 and Amanda Burling Rodriguez P ’20 M

Victoria Chernenko and Michael J. Rooney P ’19 M

Eva and Timothy Root P ’22 M

Kevin and Kimberly Rose P ’19

Ingrid and Ronaldo Rufino P ’27

Rosemary and Michael Ryan P ’18 ’19 M

Ronan and Ursula Ryan P ’20 M

Caroline W. Sabin ’86 and Paul Sabin P ’16 ’19 M

Beatrix and Dylan Sanders P ’17 M *

Priya and Sajal Sapra P ’28 M

Randall and Moya Saunders P ’17 ’19 M

Christopher and Elaine Scales P ’17 M

Andrea and Robert Schlakman P ’19 M

Christine and Derek Schoettle P ’23 ’24 ’26 ’28 M

Marla D. Schuster P ’17

Debora and Robert Scudiere P ’26 M

Jonathan and Maggie Seelig P ’22 ’25 ’26 M

John S. Serafini ’94 and Daniele Serafini P ’27 M *

Dr. Pinak B. Shah and Sonal Shah P ’20 ’23 ’28 *

Dr. Sen Shaw and Dr. Lucia Yang P ’08 ’20

Dr. Alice Shaw and Dr. Stanley Shaw P ’20 M

Gillian Doyle and Daniel T. Sheehan P ’18 ’25 ’25 M

John Sheehan, Jr. and Rosemary R. Sheehan P ’14 ’17 ’20 M

Katherine and Patrick Sherbrooke P ’19

Dr. Greeshma K. Shetty and Dr. Sanjay K. Shetty P ’22 M

Timothy and Wendy Shields P ’18 M

Dao and Karen Shih P ’19 ’22 M

Sun Hyon Oh and Sang Hoon Shim P ’20 M

Dr. Jason Shohet and Ellen Shohet P ’19 M

Lisa and Rupinder Sidhu P ’17 ’19 M

Dr. Alison F. Siegel and Dr. Noah S. Siegel P ’22 M

Marta A. Rodrigues and Nilson Silva P ’21 M

Ben and Kimie Silver P ’18 M

Omar and Raynya Simmons P ’21 ’24 M

Corey Simonson and Emily Armstrong P ’28 ’29

Daphne Confar and Katherine Simpson P ’21 ’24 M

Rekha K. Singh Dhillon P ’18 M

Madhavi Bhupathiraju and Ravi V. Siruvuri P ’26 M

Dr. Candace Lapidus Sloane and Barry R. Sloane P ’17 ’18 ’21 M

Martha and David Slocum P ’15 ’17 M

Todd Atkins and Polly Smith-Atkins P ’17 M

Samuel B. Solomon ’80 and Marguerite A. Murphy P ’09 ’12 ’23 M

Reverend Katie H. Solter and Tom W. Solter P ’20 M

Minjoo Ha and Woosuk Song P ’18

Catherine and Christian Spahr P ’15 ’19 M

Jonathan and Judith Stavis P ’17 M

Joshua L. Stayn ’92 and Dr. Rachel Rosen P ’22 ’24

Vienna K. Steiner P ’19 M

Inga and Jason Stenta P ’25 ’27 M

Yi Y. Jung and William H. Stephan P ’19 M

Diana Gibson and Nicholas Stevens P ’29 M

Brad and Jill Stewart P ’15 ’18 M *

Scott S. Stikeleather ’86 and Margaret Stikeleather P ’16 ’19 ’20

Robert and Vivian Strang P ’15 ’17 ’20 M

Emily W. Franklin Strauss ’90 and Dr. Adam Strauss P ’17 M *

Jeffrey and Julie Stuecken P ’24 M

Dr. Anne-Laure Grillot and Carl J. Sukeforth P ’28 M

Dr. Natalia Balabai and Dr. Alexander Sukharevsky P ’13 ’18

Chuyoung and Erik Suter P ’20 M

C. Catherine Swett P ’14 ’18

Joseph J. Swirbalus ’84 and Judith H. Swirbalus P ’15 ’19 M

Dr. Shahin Tabatabaei and Rozita Tabatabaei P ’17 M

Dr. Christina J. Taborsky and Mark A. Taborsky P ’19

Dr. Tamara C. Takoudes and George A. Takoudes P ’21 M

Dr. Meredith W. Talbot ’89 and Dr. A. David Litvak P ’20 ’23 M

Dr. Lovelina Taneja and Deepak Taneja P ’15 ’18 M

Dr. Dora K. Tanzi and Dr. Rudolph E. Tanzi P ’26 M

Nick and Sangita Thakore P ’18 ’20 M

Andrea I. Nagel and Madison F. Thompson P ’17

Laura Murray-Tjan and Anthony Tjan P ’22 M

Amy and Matthew Torrey P ’22 ’23 M

Jessica and William Trach P ’28

Anne and Brian Truesdale P ’23 ’26

Stephanie L. Truesdell and Andrew C. Schmidt P ’27 M

Junya and Kai Tsutsumi P ’20 M

Jerome and Tracey Vainisi P ’18 ’19

Sarah and Timothy van der Veen P ’16 ’18 M

Shelli VanDeMark Kendig P ’20 M

Jennifer and Timothy Vanech P ’22 M

Georgios and Helen Varsamis P ’20 M

Heidi and Lindsey Vaughan P ’20 M

Dr. Irene Souter-Velmahos and Dr. George Velmahos P ’15 ’18 M

Dr. Marta Campillo and Luis M. Viceira P ’16 ’19 M

Lisa and Vincent Viola P ’17 ’20 M

Dana and Josef Volman P ’18 M

Bob and Ellen Volpe P ’20 M

Tammy Vyas and Dr. Jatin M. Vyas P ’17 ’19 M

Simone Scott-Walker and David W. Walker P ’20 ’21 M

James and Susan Walker P ’18 ’20 M

Kathleen and Kevin Walker P ’18

Charles Wallace II and Wanda A. Wallace P ’21 ’25 M

Dr. Alexander Y. Walley and Erin L. Matias P ’20 M

Clemantine Wamariya P ’17

Cheryl and David Wamester P ’18 M

Shuhong Jiang and Charlie Wang P ’18

Daniel and Flora Wang P ’13 ’20 M

Dr. Hui Wang and Qinhua Zhu P ’20 M

Dr. Nianqing Wang and Leilei Song P ’18 M

Priscilla Carmichael and Tsunehisa Watanabe P ’18 M

Kimberly and Scott Waugh P ’20 M

Dr. Steven Y. Wei and Ann Marie Wei P ’17 ’19 M

Kathy and Scott Weiler P ’18 ’21 M *

Cynthia A. Montgomery and Birger W. Wernerfelt P ’20 ’20 M

Darrell and Samantha West P ’23 M

Dr. Marilyn Augustyn and Dr. George Westerman P ’17 M

Dr. Sylvia P. Westphal and Dr. Christoph H. Westphal P ’18 ’21 ’25 ’27 ’27 M

Robert and Julie Westwater P ’19 M

Michael J. Whalen ’93 and Amanda R. Whalen P ’20 M

Tyler and Hannah Wick P ’25 ’28 M

Dr. Thomas W. Wideman and Katharine G. Butler P ’21 ’23 M

Makiko Goto-Widerman and David A. Widerman P ’19

Jennifer S. Johnson and John E. Wilbur P ’17 M

Russell and Gina Wilcox P ’16 ’19 M

Peter Wilde ’86 and Kendra Wilde P ’17 M

CJ and Sharon Williams P ’18 M

Dr. Elizabeth D. Blume and Dr. Ben M. Willwerth, Jr. P ’17 ’20 M

Donald and LaShelle Wilson P ’19

Gregory and Lisa Wilson P ’21 ’23 M

Anthony and Courtney Winter P ’22 ’23 ’25 ’26 M

Dr. Adam J. Wolfberg ’88 and Dr. Kelly J. Lowery P ’16 ’20 M *

Adam G. Wolff ’90 and Veronica Wolff P ’19 M *

John Wu and Sheen Zhou P ’19

Dr. Xiaoyan Han and Dr. Yuxing Xiao P ’18

Wei Sun and Xiaoyan Xu P ’17

Dr. Hasene O. Kasaroglu Yalcindag and Dr. Ali Yalcindag P ’17 M

Dongsheng Yang and Weihong Zhuang P ’18

Yung Hua Fang and Paul Yang P ’20 M

Safiatou Ndiaye and Djounkounan Yattassaye P ’19 M

Ka-Hay Yip ’89 and Ina Yip P ’20

Jaymi and Keith Young P ’22 ’24 M

Wei Yu and Jing Zhao P ’19

Jun Zhen P ’18 M

Jia Lin and Dingqiang Zhong P ’10 ’17 M

Dr. Shiao-Bin Soong and Hairong Zhou P ’18 *

Martin Zinny ’89 and Rachel Zinny P ’21 ’23 M

Jonathan Zonis ’83 and Jennifer Zonis P ’15 ’18 M

Jan Paul Zonnenberg P ’19

Patricia K. Zonnenberg P ’19 M *

Andy and Margaret Zuccotti P ’19

Italics identify donors who are now deceased, but who made gifts during the 2016–2017 fiscal year.
A * (star) indicates Parent Fund or Alumni/ae Volunteers for the Milton Fund, or a Reunion Volunteer.

An M indicates an individual or family who has made gifts to the Milton Fund for three consecutive years.

A ¤ Indicates an individual or family who has made gifts to a non-Milton Fund for three consecutive years.

The Report on Giving

The Report on Giving recognizes the generosity of Milton's graduates, parents, faculty, staff, parents of graduates, grandparents and friends whose contributions help ensure that Milton's students continue to have the very best educational experience possible.

Thank You

We sincerely appreciate and wish to acknowledge donors who made gifts between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017 in the 2016–2017 Report on Giving. Your support makes an important difference in the lives of students, faculty and in our community. To make a gift and be recognized in the 2017–2018 report, visit:


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this report. If errors or omissions have occurred, please accept our apologies and our stewardship team at 617.898.2447 so that corrections can be made. Thank you.