2016–2017 Report on Giving

We are grateful to the classes of 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 for choosing to give back to their school and the community that supports them every single day. Thank you students! Special thanks to the Class of 2017 for their Senior Class Gift, leaving a strong legacy and helping to give future Milton students the same exceptional experience.

Class of 2017

Virginia D. Alex ’17

Jacob S. Atwood ’17

Anne G. Bailey ’17

Julian J. Batt ’17

Edward C. Beaudoin ’17

Emily E. Bell ’17

Robert K. Beniers ’17

Danielle B. Black ’17

Thomas J. Brennan ’17

Henry W. Burnes ’17

Luke D. Cadigan ’17

Letitia C. Chan ’17

Noah C. Cheng ’17

Karina Y. Cheung ’17

Dan A. Colombo ’17

Jennifer L. Costa ’17

Kiana R. Cozier ’17

Kevin J. Crabtree ’17

Elizabeth J. Czarniak ’17

Peter Luca C. DiGiovanni ’17

Marianna E. Dionne ’17

James F. Dunn ’17

Sophie G. Edouard ’17

Cora P. Enterline ’17

William S. Evett ’17

Isaac S. Fossas ’17

Katie J. Friis ’17

Charles W. Gagnon ’17

Drew Galls ’17

Jacquelyn M. Golden ’17

Anooshka P. Gupta ’17

Aidan J. Hartman ’17

Lydia B. Hill ’17

Haley M. Hunt ’17

Juliet T. Jarrell ’17

Harrison Jia ’17

Joshua R. Katz ’17

Jason Kong ’17

Shae Krishnaswamy ’17

Elena A. Lachenauer ’17

Julia G. Lebovitz ’17

Dalton J. Letorney ’17

Caroline A. Massey ’17

Solace Mensah-Narh ’17

Silas W. Monahan ’17

Samuel T. Murray ’17

Jack H. O’Brien ’17

Brett T. O’Connell ’17

Sara M. O’Connor ’17

Stephen J. O’Connor ’17

Samuel B. Oldshue ’17

Lauren A. Oliver ’17

Semilore T. Oloko ’17

Lila N. Oursler ’17

Ethan B. Pannell ’17

Tyler J. Piazza ’17

Luke T. Quintin ’17

Allan R. Rappleyea ’17

Allison L. Reed ’17

Caleb T. Rhodes ’17

Catherine R. Robertson ’17

Joseph P. Schuster ’17

John R. Sheehan ’17

Jing Z. Shen ’17

Michael R. Silva ’17

Maya L. Slocum ’17

Harrison F. Smith ’17

Nathan P. Strauss ’17

Jeanette Subkhanberdina ’17

Matthew P. Tabor ’17

Hana N. Tatsutani ’17

Logan T. Troy ’17

Austin J. Vyas ’17

Chloe R. Walker ’17

Ellen L. Wei ’17

Henry G. Westerman ’17

George A. Wilde ’17

Catherine G. Wise ’17

Haozhou Xu ’17

Selin E. Yalcindag ’17

Olivia Zhong ’17


Classes of 2018, 2019 and 2020

John A. Czarniak ’18

William H. DiGiovanni ’21

Samuel B. Hawkins ’18

Lok Ngai Ho ’18

Mary T. Howley ’20

Vijay E. Karle ’18

Yen-Fu Lin ’19

Christian C. Loop ’18

Kevin A. Lu ’18

Velan Nandhakumaran ’18

Devon A. Park ’18

Patrick Hwai Kang Shih ’19

Jacob G. Sloane ’18

Vivian Soong ’18

Tanay A. Srivastava ’19

Emily E. Van der Veen ’18

Dylan H. Volman ’18

The Report on Giving

The Report on Giving recognizes the generosity of Milton's graduates, parents, faculty, staff, parents of graduates, grandparents and friends whose contributions help ensure that Milton's students continue to have the very best educational experience possible.

Thank You

We sincerely appreciate and wish to acknowledge donors who made gifts between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017 in the 2016–2017 Report on Giving. Your support makes an important difference in the lives of students, faculty and in our community. To make a gift and be recognized in the 2017–2018 report, visit:


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this report. If errors or omissions have occurred, please accept our apologies and our stewardship team at 617.898.2447 so that corrections can be made. Thank you.