Alumni/ae Regional Chapters

2018–2019 Report on Giving

Launched in 2017, the regional chapters program provides opportunities for alumni, parents and friends to engage with one another and with Milton away from campus, through events and other initiatives. Thank you for working closely with our team in Development and Alumni Relations to plan opportunities for Milton alumni, parents and friends to connect the Milton community, in different cities across the country, back to Centre Street.



Anisha Chakrabarti ’10

Liz Berylson Katz ’04

Katherine Marr ’06

Sarah F. H. McBrian ’08



Kurt Collins ’97

Aubin S. Dupree ’96

Eleanor Haller-Jorden ’75 P ’09


Hong Kong

Alan Cheng ’91

Jessica Cheng ’04

Jane Cheng ’09

Stephanie Lau ’95

Alexander Lee ’99

Helen Lin Sun ’80

Daniel Touff ’00


Los Angeles

Jacqueline R. Barton Pomahac ’97

Susan E. Bohan ’84

Jeff C. Cooper ’97

Christopher D. Dusseault ’87

Ajani S. Harris ’07

Celeste E. Hughey ’04

Terrance P. McGuire ’87

Chelsea Mehra ’11

Brian J. Yip ’12


New York

Kurt Collins ’97

Ian Kwok ’05

Phoebe D. Knowles ’92

Andrew J. Koris ’07

Hari G. K. Patel ’15

Nima Safabakhsh ’97

Varun Singh ’14

Fazal Yameen ’02


San Francisco

Cameron Bowen ’11

John T. W. Harrington ’98

Karen Rubin Hawkes ’82

Cecil J. North ’48

Matthew T. Sullivan ’13

Kentaro Tokusei ’88

Brian B. R. Wu ’07


Washington, D.C.

Alexandra E. Desaulniers ’07

Douglas S. Kinney ’63

Watson Leffel ’12

Nicholas A. Makinster ’07

Rachiny S. Samek ’08








The Report on Giving

The Report on Giving recognizes the generosity of Milton's graduates, parents, faculty, staff, parents of graduates, grandparents and friends whose contributions help ensure that Milton's students continue to have the very best educational experience possible.

We appreciate and acknowledge donors who made gifts between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019 in the 2018–2019 Report on Giving. Your support makes an important difference in the lives of students, faculty and in our community. To make a gift and be recognized in the 2019–2020 report, visit:


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this report. If errors or omissions have occurred, please accept our apologies and our stewardship team at 617.898.2447 so that corrections can be made. Thank you.