Endowed Funds

2018–2019 Report on Giving

Milton’s endowment provides a predictable, permanent source of revenue to support financial aid and faculty support, innovative academic programs, important capital projects, and extracurricular programs that enhance Milton’s role as a leader in teaching and learning. Among them are funds that generate income to support the School’s highest priorities.​

As of June 30, 2019, the Milton’s endowment was valued at $326 million. A* (star) indicates a newly established fund between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019.

At any time, additional gifts may be made to these funds as well as any other endowed fund. For more information, contact: Katie Connolly, Director of Development, katie_connolly@milton.edu.


Supporting and enriching student life

Anonymous (5)

ATM Scholarship

Merrick and Lindsey Axel Scholarship Fund

Joseph W. Barry, Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Bennett Family Scholarship

Jackie Bonenfant Scholarship

Ebenezer Francis Bowditch ’31 Scholarship

Class of ’52 Endowment for Religious Understanding

Douglas ’58 and Cynthia Crocker Scholarship

Michael J. Denneen ’81 P ’21 Endowed Scholarship Fund

Lisa Donohue ’83 Fund for Academic and Athletic Excellence

David C. Dudley ’45 Scholarship

Mary Ilsley Farnham ’29 Scholarship

Felipe-Butler Financial Aid Fund for Young Women

Fitzgibbons Scholarship

Thomas and Frances Flaherty Scholarship

Nancy Foss Heath Scholarship

Thomas B. Gannett ’31 Memorial Scholarship

The Garvey Family Scholarship *

Gerney Family Fund

GwinnLandry Family Fund for Scholarship Enrichment

Robert Henry Scholarship

Michael W. Hoffman ’72 Memorial Scholarship

Ralph Hornblower Memorial Scholarship

Korean War Memorial Scholarship

Samuel M. Lane 1927 Scholarship

H. Reginald and Rebecca Lord Nash Scholarship

Yunli Lou ’87 Scholarship Fund

Robert ’75 and Dana Lyons Scholarship

Abigail B. Mackey Scholarship

Mestengo Scholarship Enrichment Fund *

Frank D. Millet Scholarship

Nicole and Terry Murray Scholarship Fund

Newman Family Financial Aid Fund *

H. Willis Nichols, Jr. ’30 Memorial Scholarship

Michael ’96 and Beth O’Brien P ’26 ’28 Scholarship

Paiz Family Fund for Financial Aid

Daniel Pierce ’52 and Polly Harding Pierce ’52 Scholarship

Pool Family Scholarship *

John Sherburne Reidy Day Scholarship

Charles Parker Reynolds Scholarship Fund

Nina Riggs ’95 Memorial Scholarship

David Rolbein Fund

Albert J. Scullin ’55 and Paul Robinson ’55 Scholarship

Nina Seidenman Scholarship

Simmons Family Scholarship

S. E. Skinner, Jr. ’47 Scholarship

Herbert G. Stokinger ’24 Fund for Physical Education

Lawrence A. Sykes Scholarship

H.C. Ting Memorial Scholarship

Yang Tse Scholarship *

Utsch Family Scholarship

Thomas C. Wales ’70 Scholarship

Robert J Walsh P ’99 Memorial Scholarship *

Andrew H. Ward Scholarship

Edward W. Weld Scholarship

Pamela Steele White P ’94 P ’99 Scholarship Fund

Yip Family Scholarship


Recruiting, supporting and retaining faculty

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A. Howard and Susan Abell Fund

Albright Fund for Excellence in Science

The L Chan Fund for Teaching Excellence

Endowment for Computer Science

Fund to Support the Teaching of Chinese

Melissa Dilworth Gold ’61 Visiting Artist Fund

Abrams Family Department Chair in English

David B. Ball Faculty Salary Fund

The Baron Family Fund for Faculty Support *

Cheong Fund

The Upton House Class of 1957 Fund

Beverly and Charles Donohue P ’80 ’81 ’83 Fund for Faculty

Endowment for Faculty Salaries

Endowment for Faculty Support

Grossman Family Fund for Faculty Compensation

Eric and Mary Hartmann Memorial Fund for Faculty Enrichment

The Hurst Family Faculty Support Fund *

Kalra Family Lower School Discretionary Fund

Kalra Family Middle School Discretionary Fund

Frank D. Millet Chair in Admission

Millet Miracles Faculty Fund *

Hendrick and Sylvia Sin Fund for the Visual Arts *

Esther Tsang Faculty Fund

Donald C. Watson Faculty Support Fund


Supporting innovative curriculum and programs

Hockey Endowment

Gratwick Concert Fund

Hong Kong Community Engagement Fund

Germain Adams Hubby Music Enrichment Fund *

Kaiser Fund for Speech and Debate

Merrill Ladd K-8 Faculty Development Fund

Lyman Fund for Media Development

Margaret Filoon Robertson ’56 Music Fund

The  Schoettle Family Fund for the Arts *

Stikeleather Family Fund

David S. Stone ’70 Endowed Fund for Science Enrichment

Swim Team Endowment

Dr. Robert LeSourd Bradley ’64 Archeology Fund

Class of 1953 Love Kindness Endowed Fund


Creating an environment that supports learning and living

Anonymous (4)

Lower School Discretionary Fund

Todd and Nancy Bland P ’13 ’14 ’14 Fund for Endowment

Chan Family Endowment

Edward Spence Fitzgibbons Memorial Fund

Han Family Fund

Guy D’Oyly Hughes Endowed Fund

Stephen and Lisa Lebovitz P ’10 ’12 ’14 ’17 Family Endowment

Pang Technology Fund

Sidhu Family Endowment

von Metzsch Family Endowment *

Wang Family Fund *

Westphal Family Endowment


Recognizing Student Achievement

Laurence S. Persky ’79 Memorial Prize

Joseph O. Procter ’32 MVP Award for Golf

Williams Squash Prize

Italics identify donors who are now deceased, but who made gifts during the 2018–2019 fiscal year.

A * (star) indicates Parent Fund or Alumni/ae Volunteers for the Milton Fund, or a Reunion Volunteer.

An M indicates an individual or family who has made gifts to the Milton Fund for three consecutive years.

A ¤ Indicates an individual or family who has made gifts to a non-Milton Fund for three consecutive years.

The Report on Giving

The Report on Giving recognizes the generosity of Milton's graduates, parents, faculty, staff, parents of graduates, grandparents and friends whose contributions help ensure that Milton's students continue to have the very best educational experience possible.

We appreciate and acknowledge donors who made gifts between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019 in the 2018–2019 Report on Giving. Your support makes an important difference in the lives of students, faculty and in our community. To make a gift and be recognized in the 2019–2020 report, visit: milton.edu/donate


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this report. If errors or omissions have occurred, please accept our apologies and our stewardship team at 617.898.2447 so that corrections can be made. Thank you.