2019–2020 Report on Giving

Parent giving is a powerful expression of support for the School’s educational vision and a way of supporting many more children than just our own. Thank you for your generosity and commitment to Milton.

Anonymous (9)

Kristin and Richard Abati P ’24 M

Justin and Sallie Abelow P ’22 D M

Joellen Adae P ’22 M

Dr. Nidhi Aggarwal and Dr. Prasun Agarwal P ’30 M

Neeraj Agrawal and Dr. Papri O. Sarkar P ’25 M

Ikechukwu and Uche Akunyili P ’21     

Aaron and Elizabeth Albright P ’19 ’21 ’23 M

Anselmo and Jayni Alegria P ’23 M

Aleksandra and Vladimir Aleksic P ’20 M

Marci and Robert Alperin P ’21 M

Dr. Anju Nohria and Dr. Bharat N. Anand P ’22 M

Devon Angelini ’94 and Dwight Angelini P ’27 ’30 ’32 ¤

Lianne and Terence Ankner P ’20 ’23 M

Sam and Tess Atkinson P ’19 ’21 D M ¤

Yasmine Babio P ’21 M

Malcolm Baker and Christina Wood Baker P ’18 ’21 M

Professor Charles Barber and Dr. Laura Radin P ’20 M

Joan Baron P ’22 D M

William Baron P ’22 D    

Diana M. Barrett ’82 and C. R. Barrett III P ’15 ’17 ’20 M ¤

Jennifer Barrett ’89 and Peter Barrett, Jr. ’89 P ’21 M

Peter H. Becker ’82 and Kristin C. Becker P ’20 D ¤

David and Tracy Belyea P ’26 M

Zach Bensley and Katie Perry P ’23 M

Amy and Frederick Berkeley P ’22     

Dr. Paul D. Biddinger and Dr. Sudha B. Biddinger P ’20 M

Jennifer Bihldorff P ’22     

Dr. Michael Blake and Dr. Ann Sweeney P ’22 ’25 M

Dr. Sarah L. Blake P ’21 M

Jennifer L. Blanksteen ’86 P ’19 ’23 M

Scott I. Blanksteen P ’19 ’23 M

Dr. Weibe Boer and Joanna Boer P ’21     

Ali and Polly Bokhari P ’20 M

Christian P. Bonomo and Jennifer Nurse P ’22     

Adam J. Bookbinder ’86 and Dr. Dara Brodsky P ’20 M

Andrew and Jennifer Borggaard P ’20 ’20 ’22 M

Dr. Brooke C. Bailey and Todd F. Bourell P ’23 ’26 ’27 D * M ¤

Brendan Bradley P ’24 M

Janet Bragg P ’11 ’21 M

Andrea and Stephen Brodeur P ’25 M

Matt and Kellie Brooks P ’20     

Tamsen M. Brown ’91 and Michael M. Brown P ’20 ’22 ’24 M ¤

Ann and Michael Buckley P ’23 M

Robin V. Buonato ’88 and Robert E. Buonato P ’22 ’24 M

Dr. Lindsey C. Burghardt and Dr. William H. Burghardt P ’27 ’30 M

Joanne and Timothy Burke P ’17 ’20 D M

Suzanne Y. Tapson and Gordon M. Burnes ’84 P ’17 ’17 ’21 D * M ¤

Amanda and Jeffrey Burton P ’22 ’24 ’27 M

Jeffrey and Lynda Bussgang P ’18 ’20 M ¤

Zuping Cai and Xinli Chen P ’21 M

Charles and Kristin Cain P ’25 ’28 M

Terry and Kelly Callahan P ’22 M

Matthew D. Cammack ’92 P ’26 M

Laura and Paul Cannata P ’22 ’24 M

Jun Cao and Joyce Liu P ’22 ’22 M

Qi-Zhong Z. Cao and Peggy L. Lin P ’18 ’21 M

David and Noel Cappillo P ’20 M ¤

Dr. Marcy G. Carty and Dr. Matthew J. Carty P ’24 ’25 * M

Bernard and Denise Cassidy P ’21 M

Suzanne N. Cayer P ’24 ’28 M

Dr. Jamie A. Cesaretti and Dr. Juliet Park P ’21     

Dr. Thomas Cha and Janet Cha P ’28 ’32 M

Andrew and Shirley Chan P ’22 D M

Ewald and Marjorie Charles P ’16 ’23 M

Dennis and Lucy Chen P ’21 M

Guojin Chen and Hua Guo P ’22 M

Dr. Wei Fu and Dr. Wei Chen P ’24 M

Kar Yung Christopher Cheong and Koboer Po Yee Ko P ’16 ’20 D ¤

Dr. Marcus F. Cherry and Christine G. Cherry P ’20 M

Dr. Shailaja Thaker and Bhupathy Chinnagandham P ’32 M

Arthur K. Choo Jr. and Theresa A. Choo P ’21     

Alan H. Chuang and Patricia V. Ting P ’23 D M

Patricia P. Claudy Schade and Chris S. Schade P ’17 ’20     

Amy M. Coes and R. Putnam Coes III P ’20 M

Sander Cohan ’96 and Katie Connolly P ’28 ’31 M

Jennifer M. Colasacco ’95 P ’23 * M

Jonathan B. Cope ’93 and Carolyn Cope P ’22 M

John M. Corcoran, Jr. ’80 and Constance Corcoran P ’16 ’20 ’22     

Joshua D. Coval and Leslie A. Perlow P ’24 M

Daniel R. Coyne ’90 and Rebecca Coyne P ’23 M

Christopher and Lindy Crawford P ’19 ’21 ¤

Gary and Kimberly Creem P ’22 M

Maria Kozloski and Delanson Crist P ’20 M

Hope and Louis Crosier P ’21 M

James T. Dallman and Grace E. La P ’23 M

Susan V. Day P ’21     

Dr. Elisa Valente and Gabriele de Simone P ’23 M

Dennis R. DeBassio ’95 and Nicole DeBassio P ’29 * M

Stephen DeLano and Maura C. Doherty P ’17 ’18 ’20 M

Dr. David M. Denmark and Dr. Vera K. Denmark P ’31 M

Angelica A. Diaz ’93 P ’22 M

Dr. Christopher W. DiGiovanni and Susan N. DiGiovanni P ’15 ’16 ’17 ’21 M

Di Chen and Zhigang Ding P ’22     

Dr. Alexei A. Dmitrienko and Dr. Marina N. Sorokina P ’21 M

Louis C. Doboe, Jr. and Sandra L. Doboe P ’22 M

Michael Doherty and Julie Garrett Doherty P ’21     

Lisa and Timothy Donovan P ’25 ’29 M

Robert A. Drisko and Hewon Hwang P ’20 M

Linda A. Druker and Jennifer B. Miller P ’29 M

Nicholas DuBois ’91 and Heidi DuBois P ’20 D M

Merissa and Vincent duFrend P ’28 ’32 M

Jason Dumont P ’21 M

Chris K. Durlacher and Nora P. Elton P ’30 M

Kelli Edwards and Benjamin R. Evett P ’17 ’21 M

Greg and Barbara Ehret P ’19 ’20 D * ¤

Jennifer and John Eielson P ’21 M

Dr. Mark C. Eldaief and Dr. Nicole A. Sherry P ’24     

Dr. Eman Elkadry and Dr. Hani Ibrahim P ’20 ’24 ’25 M

Katharine & Thomas Ellis P ’22 M

Jack and Lee Englert P ’20 ’22 M ¤

Yunren Bolortuya and Burenjargal Erdenesanaa P ’11 ’17 ’21 M

Kharis and Nakia Eubanks P ’27 M

Dalia Elabiary and Asser Ezzo P ’21     

Junbo Fan and Yan Yi P ’21 M

Vicente Farley and Patricia Gay P ’22 M

Robert and Maria Fawcett P ’22 D * M

Morton L. Fearey II and Sharon F. Fearey P ’14 ’16 ’19 ’21     

Jay and Jodi Feeney P ’17 ’22 D M ¤

Georgia and Jesse Feldman P ’28 ’30 D    

Yeng Felipe Butler ’92 and Charles K. Butler P ’25 D * M ¤

Dr. Jennifer A. Johnson and David W. Finocchio P ’20     

Caroline Fitzgibbons ’84 and Tad Smith P ’17 ’23 D * M

Stephen M. Fitzgibbons ’88 and Lisa Fitzgibbons P ’23 M ¤

Dr. Michael Franken and Alicia Towns Franken P ’23 M

Michael S. Friedman and Dianne E. Perry P ’20 M

Brenda and Shane Fuller P ’18 ’21 M

Paul and Rosemarie Gallagher P ’18 ’21 ’23 M

Allison S. Bailey and Gianluca M. Gallori P ’18 ’23 M

Dorothy A. Galvin P’ 31 M

Peter L. Garran ’94 and Jennifer W. Garran P ’29 ’31 ¤

Christa B. Comeau and Peter E. Gelhaar P ’24 * M

Cynthia and Michael George P ’19 ’20 ’22 D M

Kostas and Veronica Geroukos P ’18 ’19 ’29 M

Andrea Geyling-Moore and John Moore P ’20 ’23     

Cynthia and Matthew Glennon P ’21     

Kelly and Michael Glew P ’18 ’21 M

Julia Clarkson and Steve Glick P ’21 M

Matthew and Lisa Golden P ’13 ’17 ’21 M

Nicholas and Sonya Good P ’22 M

Todd and Masia Goodman P ’26 M

Helen and Thomas Grant P ’24 ’25 M

Bruno and Katherine Granville P ’32   M

Alicia F. Greenaway P ’17 ’19 ’22 M

David M. Greer and Stephanie Kwei P ’26 ’27     

Gurinder Grewal and Joyce Lee P ’30 M

Geoffrey and Sheri Griffin P ’23 M

Maggie Etienne and Guy B. Guiteau P ’24 M

Dr. Alla Gruman and Alex Gulyansky P ’22     

Kimberly and Mark GwinnLandry P ’23 ’25 D M ¤

Dr. Ozlem Ergun and Mete A. Habip P ’23 M

Dr. Andrew A. Hack and Dr. Anjali K. Hack P ’21 ’24 M

James W. Hackett, Jr. and Sharon S. Hackett P ’20 ’26 M

Wei Hai and Lei Zhang P ’23 M

David and Meredith Hall P ’14 ’20 M

Roger H. Hallowell III ’80 and Benedicte Hallowell P ’20     

Beth and Matthew Hamory P ’24     

David and Audrey Hanlon P ’23 M

Daniel and Michelle Hanly P ’18 ’20 ’22 M

Dr. Christopher Hartnick and Elizabeth Hartnick P ’14 ’21     

Andre M. Heard ’93 and Danielle A. Heard P ’22 ’24 M

Michael J. Hegarty ’80 and Nancy T. Hegarty P ’20 ’23 ’25 * M

Ida Bagus Gede Hermawan Manuab and Vester Veronica Azhari P ’22 M

Henry R. Heyburn, Jr. ’75 and Alicia Heyburn P ’20 * M

Robert Higgins P ’24 ’28     

Ira and Lisa Hirsch P ’23 M

Mary I. Ames and Brian J. Hirschfeld P ’21 ’23 M

Carrie and John Hitt P ’19 ’21 M

Spencer P. Hoffman ’91 and Sarah W. Millet ’91 P ’20 ’23 M

Brian and Kerri Holland P ’29 ’31 M

Nancy Holtschlag ’89 and Michael E. Holtschlag P ’20 ’22 M

Dr. Cathy W. Guo and Dr. Jeff L. Hong P ’21 M

Alison and Michael Hong P ’23 M

Eric Howeler and Jeannie Yoon P ’29     

Erin and Stephen Hull P ’22 ’24 M

Fritz and Natacha Hyacinthe P ’22 M

Pamerson O. Ifill and Kulnathee Saengsin-Ifill P ’13 ’26 M

Manuel Igbokwe and Stella Memeh-Igbokwe P ’20 M

Jean Marie and John Iwanicki P ’13 ’15 ’17 ’20 M

Michael and Sabrina Jaffe P ’22 M

Robert and Nancy Jagaselvan P ’13 ’25 ’26 M

Alexander P. Jaques ’90 and Jessica C. Shattuck P ’22     

Giovanna and Nawfel Jay P ’21 M

Tieyu Jiang and Juan Yu P ’22 M

Dr. Keegan S. Johnson and Scott J. Johnson P ’27 ’30 M

Corrina Jones P ’22 M

Reginald and Stephanie Jones-Booker P ’24 M

Jennifer B. Jordan ’84 and Bret D. Jordan P ’18 ’20 ’20 M

Aditya and Skyler Joshi P ’32 M

Rachel L. Kalin ’99 and Matthew C. Kalin P ’31 ’32     

Sonu and Nina Kalra P ’23 ’26 ’28 D * M ¤

Sergey and Zhanna Kan P ’22 D M

Alok Kapoor P ’32 M

Dr. Sekar Kathiresan and Nilanjana Pal P ’21 ’23 M

Gregory and Jennifer Katsoulis P ’23 M

Dr. Laura J. Hillman and Andy S. Katz P ’20 M

Seth M. Kaufman ’84 and Mary Kaufman P ’22 ’24 M

Ashenafi and Manyahelshal Kebede P ’23 M

Joseph and Maggie Keohan P ’18 ’21 *  

Dr. Ginil Kim and Banji Kim P ’12 ’21 M

John and Sara Kim P ’32 M

Dr. Flora Bai and Frank King P ’21 M

John M. Kinnealey ’76 and Libby M. Kinnealey P ’23 M

Bill and Deb Knowlton P ’23 D * M

Dr. Dong Kong and Bo Yuan P ’28     

Heather E. Korostoff Murray P ’20 M

Jonathan Kotler and Yan Rong P ’22 M

Dr. Matthew B. Krepps and Stephanie S. Stamatos P ’29 M

Jonathan and Samantha Kriegel P ’22 M

Dr. Chandru Krishnan and Dr. Dascha C. Weir P ’22 M

Sanjeev Kumar and Jaya Kumari P ’22 M

Man Ching J. Chua and Steven Kwok P ’21 M

Haven Ladd ’92 and Molly Ladd ’92 P ’22 ’25 ’30 M ¤

Monica and Thomas LaFond P ’28 M

John and Yasmin Landy P ’23 M

Michael G. Lannon and Mary Obana-Lannon P ’21     

Cynthia and Doug Lareau P ’18 ’22 * M

Andrew M. Laurence ’93 and Kelly G. Laurence P ’25 ’26 ’29 M

Daniel E. Lazzari and Robin E. Swartz P ’28 ’30 M

Yu Gyeong Cha and Byung Chul Lee P ’21 D * M ¤

Georgia and Richard D. Lee P ’22 ’24 ’27 M

Dr. Hyun Ah Kang and Dr. Youngho Lee P ’22     

Christophe and Jing Legrand P ’18 ’21 M

Katharine B. Leness ’91 and Anthony H. Leness P ’22 M

Kam Yin Leung and Mei-Ling Leung-Chan P ’17 ’23 M

Olga Kasparova and Michael Leykin P ’26 M

Suemin Cho and Sukjin Lim P ’21     

Lucia F. Lin and Prentice A. Pilot P ’21 M

Ying Lin and Hui-Ju Chen P ’21     

Li Ling and Qian Ma P ’20 * M

Blaise and Nicole Lippa P ’22 * M

Anna and Serge Losett P ’23 M

Meng Chen and Xiangjun Lu P ’20 M

Natasha M. Maciel and Richard E. Maciel, Jr. P ’22 M

Colin and Eustacia MacNaught P ’29 ’30 ’32     

Courtney MacNaught P ’25 M

Gregory and Jeeyoung Madison P ’30 M

Beth and Lawrence Magann P ’17 ’18 ’20 M

Kathleen M. Donovan-Maher and John R. Maher P ’21 M

Meaghan K. Mahoney P ’28 M

Ravi and Yvonne Mallela P ’22 * M

Jill E. Mannino ’93 and Robert J. Mannino P ’26 ’32 M

Dr. Vincent W. Chiang and Susanne Marshall Chiang P ’18 ’20 ’23 M

Ashley and Nathaniel Mason P ’25 M

Clarissa S.G. Matthews and Alexander H.F. Maybank P ’21 ’22 M

George K. Mazareas ’78 P ’21 and Cynthia Mazareas     

Austin and Tiverton McClintock P ’23 M

Gregory and Patricia McGauley P ’23 M

Dr. Doreen K. McLaughlin and John G. McLaughlin P ’21 ’23 ’25 D    

Elizabeth and Tarez McNeil P ’22 ’26 M

Kate M. Berseth and Steven F. McNulty P ’21 M

Danielle S. Adams and Alex C. Mehlman P ’20 M

Metri and Ferial Metri P ’20 ’21 ’22 D M ¤

Dr. Dmitri V. Mikhailov and Svetlana N. Mikhailova P ’19 ’22     

Maria de la Luz Lopez Ortega and Aaron N. Miller P ’27 ’32 M

Ellen Barnett and Kevin J. Miller P ’20     

Dr. Lisa J. F. Miller ’84 and Philip R. Miller P ’22 D M ¤

Anne and Peter Millington P ’22 ’24 M

Hermin G. Miranda P ’31     

Yogesh P. Modak and Soumya Sivaraman P ’22     

Jamshid Mohyeddin and Farah N. Toyserkani P ’21 M

Sandy Mojica P ’15 ’21 M

Lauren and Robert Monahan P ’23   M

Courtney W. Monnich ’91 and Brian W. Monnich P ’20 ’21 ’23 ’25 * M

Lisa and Jessica Morin P ’25 M

Dr. Senada Arabelovic and Dr. Matthew Mostofi P ’21 ’23 M

Lewis and Nadgeda Moten P ’29 M

Dr. Abdu S. Mukhtar and Fatima F. Mukhtar P ’26 ’30     

Tatiana Connolly and John A. Muller P ’32 M

Dr. Arianne J. Chernock and John C. Mulliken P ’23 ’26 M

Calicia Mullings P ’20 M

J.T. and Yuko Murphy P ’20 M

Dr. Sherine Rabbat and George D. Mussalli P ’25 ’27 ’31 M

Daniel E. Muzquiz and Lannhi Tran-Muzquiz P ’28 M

Dr. Samuel S. Myers ’83 and Kelsey Wirth P ’23 M

Dr. Melissa C. Nass ’95 and Dr. Jonathan P. Nass P ’26 M

Nick Ndiritu and Irene W Muchemi-Ndiritu P ’22 M

Rossana Hu and Lyndon U. Neri P ’18 ’21 D ¤

Dr. Cyrus B. Noble ’84 and Dr. Robin B. Noble P ’16 ’20 ’22     

Alberto and Sandra Nunes P ’26 ’28 M

Michael O’Brien ’96 and Beth O’Brien P ’26 ’28 D * ¤

Robert and Julie Ocko P ’23 ’23 D M

Edward A. Okali and Carolle Regis P ’18 ’24 M

Lori A. O’Keefe P ’21 M

Lei and Michael O’Malley P ’10 ’20 M

Michelle Fallon and Michael P. O’Malley P ’22 ’25 M

Adanna and Ozuome Onyewuchi P ’20     

Dennis and Julie O’Rourke P ’21 ’23 M

Paul J. O’Sullivan ’82 and Kristen O’Sullivan P ’20 M

Fernando and Katherine Paiz P ’21 ’23 ’27 ’29 D    

Tracy P. Palandjian ’89 and Dr. Leon Palandjian P ’17 ’18 ’20 D    

Sandra and Walter Palmer P ’15 ’18 ’20 M

Mae Loh and Harry Pang P ’19 ’20 D    

Dr. Holly J. Oh and Robert K. Park P ’21 M

Sharon Paul and Brian K. Paul ’86 P ’17 ’18 ’20 M

George Pavlonnis III and Jennifer L. Pavlonnis P ’22 M

Lisa and Noah Pearlstein P ’21 ’24 M

Justin J. Perreault P ’21 ’24 M ¤

Marsha Perreault P ’21 ’24 D    

Samuel G. Perry ’77 P ’22 M

Brett Perryman P ’21 M

Dr. Jonathan & Emma Perryman P ’21 M

Lee Peterson P ’22 M

Matthew and Kelly Petherick P ’23 ’24 M

Michelle and Perri Petricca P ’20 M

Chris J. Picotte and Gilda M. Smart P ’25 M

Dr. Karen Casper and Dr. Pieter Pil P ’21 M

Dr. Davida B. Pines ’85 and Dr. Louis Brenner P ’20 ’22 M

Pamela J. Pleasants and Youssef M. Alaoui P ’20 M

L. Anthony and Stephanie Polimeno P ’23 ’28 M

Malinda Polk and Dr. N. Stuart M. Harris P ’21 ’23 M

Adam D. Portnoy ’89 & Elika Portnoy P ’25 D M

Alexander G. Potter P ’22 M

Leslie M. Potter P ’22     

Leslie and V. Frank Pottow P ’14 ’16 ’22 M

Brulere Elodie and Michael A. Powers P ’23 M

Dr. Kristala L. Jones Prather and Darcy D. Prather P ’22 ’26 M

Dr. Mark D. Price and Stephanie L. Price P ’23 ’25 M

Amy S. Jones and David A. Puner P ’24 ’26 M

Joseph and Kimberly Quinlivan P ’19 ’21 M

Erika and Keith Quinn P ’23 M

Dr. Sonja Radovanovic and Ivan Radovanovic P ’30 M

Dr. Adrienne Randolph P ’22 ’22 M

Dr. Giuseppe Raviola and Emily Raviola P ’26 M

Archana and Jayapal Reddy P ’28 M

Maroussia E. Reid and Rudolph M. Reid, Jr. P ’23 M

Michelle M. Persson Reilly and Mark A. Reilly P ’20 ’21 M

Jennifer and Justin Renz P ’23 ’23 M

Dr. Erinn T. Rhodes and Jason P. Rhodes P ’17 ’20 M ¤

Dr. Jennifer Rhodes-Kropf and Dr. Matthew Rhodes-Kropf P ’24 M

Virginia Ribeiro Hartman, MD P ’17 ’21 M

Sophie H. Allende-Richter and Henning Richter P ’22 M

Maxim and Olga Rivkin P ’23 M

Mark I. Robinson ’82 and Tisa K. Hughes P ’18 ’20 M

Antonio L. Rodriguez ’92 and Amanda Burling Rodriguez P ’20 ’23 D M

Eva and Timothy Root P ’22 M

Pamela L. Moore and Charles B. Rose P ’21 M

Stephen Gullo and Rebecca Roth Gullo P ’31 M

Dr. Mark F. Rounds and Dr. Naomi K. Rounds P ’22   M

Dianna Kilroy and Ryan Roy P ’26 ’32 M

Dr. Marc S. Rubin and Heidi L. Rubin P ’22 M

Dr. Gregory Russell and Dr. Jennifer Russell P ’23 M

Robert and Shameila Sabio P ’23 M

Ajay and Rachel Sadhwani P ’23 M

Amy Elizabeth Saltonstall P ’23 M

Jennifer and Marlo Samproni P ’31 M

Dr. Christine N. Sang ’80 and B. Kemp Dolliver P ’28 * M

Priya Sapra P ’28     

Sajal Sapra P ’28     

Alexis and Paul Scanlon P ’22     

Dr. Chrysalyne D. Schmults and Robert C. Schmults P ’25 M

Christine and Derek Schoettle P ’23 ’24 ’26 ’28 D M

Stuart W. Sclater-Booth ’88 and Kimberly Oliver P ’23 M

Debora and Robert Scudiere P ’26 M

Gayna A. Sealy P ’21 M

John S. Serafini ’94 and Daniele Serafini P ’27 ’30 * M

Dr. Alexander D. Serra and Susan Z. Serra P ’22 M

Lynn Clark and Joe Shapiro P ’30 M

Dr. Sen Shaw and Dr. Lucia Yang P ’08 ’20 M

Dr. Alice Shaw and Dr. Stanley Shaw P ’20 M

Gillian Doyle and Daniel T. Sheehan P ’18 ’25 ’25 M

Katherine and Patrick Sherbrooke P ’19 ’22 M

Dao and Karen Shih P ’19 ’22 ¤

Marta A. Rodrigues and Nilson Silva P ’21 M

Daphne Confar and Katherine Simpson P ’21 ’24 M

Hendrick and Sylvia Sin P ’23 D M

Madhavi Bhupathiraju and Ravi V. Siruvuri P ’26 M

Bridget Sitkoff P ’25 M

Dr. Candace Lapidus Sloane and Barry R. Sloane P ’17 ’18 ’21 M ¤

Anne and Chris Smith P ’23 M

Darin and Jaye Smith P ’22     

Annik and Dominic Smith P ’22 D M

Molly and Patrick Smith P ’22 M

Sarah and Steven Smith P ’16 ’18 ’20     

Dr. Heather D. Smith and Todd C. Smith P ’28 M

Eric and Kiran So P ’31     

Samuel B. Solomon ’80 and Marguerite A. Murphy P ’09 ’12 ’23 * M

Bradford and Victoria Spencer P ’21 M

Brad and Jill Stewart P ’15 ’18 ’21 M

Scott S. Stikeleather ’86 and Margaret Stikeleather P ’16 ’19 ’20 ¤

Dr. Eve-Alice Roustang-Stoller and Mitchell Stoller P ’21 M

Dr. Joanna M. Storey and Dr. William K. Storey P ’23 M

Emily W. Franklin Strauss ’90 and Dr. Adam Strauss P ’17 ’22 * M

Alexandra and Benjamin Strong P ’23 M

Dr. Anne-Laure Grillot and Carl J. Sukeforth P ’28 M

Mei Lin and Jian Jun Sun P ’21 M

Dr. Meredith W. Talbot ’89 and Dr. A. David Litvak P ’20 ’23 D    

Strong Tang and Sally Zhou P ’21 M

Dr. Dora K. Tanzi and Dr. Rudolph E. Tanzi P ’26 M

Tom Tao and Jing Yan P ’23 M

Jim and Sara Taylor P ’21 M

Raul Gonzalez and Jennifer A. Terrell P ’23 M

Nick and Sangita Thakore P ’18 ’20 ’22 ’24 D M ¤

Michael and Tracy Thibeault P ’19 ’22     

Brenda and Peter Thorbahn P ’22 M

Ivan Ting ’92 and Angie Ting P ’22 D * ¤

Laura Murray-Tjan and Anthony Tjan P ’22 ’27 ’27 M

Ethan and Sarah Torrey P ’22 M

Amy and Matthew Torrey P ’22 ’23 D M

Jessica and William Trach P ’28 ’30 M

Anne and Brian Truesdale P ’23 ’26 D * M ¤

Stephanie L. Truesdell and Andrew C. Schmidt P ’27 M

Tina Y. L. Lee and Vincent Tsang P ’22 M

Elaine Tse and James Tung P ’22     

Elizabeth and Robert Van Sickle P ’30 ’32 M

Georgios and Helen Varsamis P ’20 M

Lisa and Vincent Viola P ’17 ’20 M

Diana Vogel ’86 and Ralph B. Vogel P ’21 ’23 ’25 M

Bob and Ellen Volpe P ’20 ’22 M

Simone Scott-Walker and David W. Walker P ’20 ’21 * M

James and Susan Walker P ’18 ’20 M

Dr. Joseph M. Walsmith and Janet G. Walsmith P ’23 M

Gongquan Wang and Yuping Cao P ’23 D M

Zhe Wang and Yushao Zhuang P ’23 M

Xianghong Sun and Zhingang Wang P ’21 M

Claire A. Walton and Eve L. R. Waterfall P ’22     

John E. B. Weil ’92 and Dr. Michelle Lee Weil P ’23 ’26 M

Professor Ralph Weissleder and Dr. Anna Petropoulos P ’21 M

Darrell and Samantha West P ’23 ’26 M

Dr. Sylvia P. Westphal and Dr. Christoph H. Westphal P ’18 ’21 ’25 ’27 ’27 D M ¤

Kate and Rich Whitcomb P ’32 M

Tyler and Hannah Wick P ’25 ’28 M

Peter Wilde ’86 and Kendra Wilde P ’17 ’21 D M

Dr. Eric Wiley and Michele Wiley P ’16 ’20 M

Dr. Elizabeth D. Blume and Dr. Ben M. Willwerth, Jr. P ’17 ’20 M

Frances B. Wilmerding ’96 and Patrick S. Wilmerding P ’26 ’30 M

John Wu and Sheen Zhou P ’19 ’23 M

Dr. Xuekui E. Wu and Hongxia C. Liu P ’21 M

Christopher A. Wyett ’85 and Lisa R. Resnek P ’22 D M

Mengwan Wang and Hong Xie P ’23 M

Zhimin Xie P ’23 M

Mike Xue and Tina Xia P ’31 M

Junping Guo and Zhongyi Yang P ’23 M

Yuen Yick Yau and Fei Hok Lin P ’22     

Ka Kay Yip ’83 and Josephine Yip P ’16 ’23 D * M

Ka-Hay Yip ’89 and Ina Yip P ’20 D * ¤

Donghua Yu P ’23 M

Michael and Noelani Zervas P ’32 M

Martin G. Zinny ’89 and Rachel F. Zinny P ’21 ’23 ’25 M

Andy and Margaret Zuccotti P ’22     

Ronggang Zhang and Wei C. Zuo P ’20 M

Key for Symbols

Italics identify donors who are now deceased, but who made gifts during the 2019–2020 fiscal year.

A * (star) indicates Parent Fund or Alumni/ae Volunteers for the Milton Fund, or a Reunion Volunteer or Faculty Volunteer.

An M indicates an individual or family who has made gifts to the Milton Fund for three consecutive years.

A ¤ indicates an individual or family who has made gifts to a non-Milton Fund for three consecutive years.

A D indicates an individual or family who has made a gift of $100,000 or more to Dare: The Campaign for Milton.

The Report on Giving

The Report on Giving recognizes the generosity of Milton's graduates, parents, faculty, staff, parents of graduates, grandparents and friends whose contributions help ensure that Milton's students continue to have the very best educational experience possible.

We appreciate and acknowledge donors who made gifts between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020 in the 2019–2020 Report on Giving. Your support makes an important difference in the lives of students, faculty and in our community. To make a gift and be recognized in the 2020–2021 report, visit:


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this report. If errors or omissions have occurred, please accept our apologies and contact our stewardship team at 617.898.2447 so that corrections can be made. Thank you.