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senior_projects_1Each year, Class I students may commit their final weeks at Milton to completing a “Senior Project.” Students who are interested must submit research plans in early winter. A committee of faculty decides which projects to approve, and each student aligns his endeavor with a member of the faculty or staff for support. Students in the Class of 2012 chose topics that range from aviation to nutrition, from building sculptures to studying Chinese dance. Students painted, knit, built Web sites, prepared concerts and recitals, shadowed doctors, interned at the State House, worked for political campaigns, and volunteered at a range of sites.

“An email from a student this week told me that his project was ‘an incredible, formative experience,'”  says Anne Kaufman, Senior Project chair. “Our guidelines describe the Senior Project as a challenging and rewarding culmination of a student’s Milton education. We hope, also, that students can take advantage of resources at Milton.

“The Project period is an ideal time to focus energy and attention on a skill, to expand on a topic of interest, or to undertake a community service project.”

During the week before graduation, students present their projects to faculty and all students. Sharing in this celebration of completed, highly personal work is a favorite Milton Academy tradition.