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09-05_service_2Last week Milton Academy students and faculty teamed up to tackle seasonal tasks at 11 sites in the Town of Milton and many in Greater Boston. Community Service Day was the opportunity and, with their adult advisors, all students contributed — from cleaning up grounds to planting and moving; to entertaining with choral, speech and drama presentations; to serving lunch, reading to children, and talking with elders. Students in the Upper and Middle Schools fanned out throughout town and to sites beyond, 37 in all. Biennially, Milton honors the notion and the experience of serving by involving everyone for a full morning in a project that supports others. The SGA co-heads originally proposed Community Service Day ten years ago. It has become a tradition that includes important goals, such as exposing students to social needs and the opportunity to make a difference; creating interest in a fuller commitment to service; and stepping outside busy lives to learn about the real world. Students learned first hand that every effort was a chance to learn and grow. Service providers receive as much as they give.