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October ​21 – 22; St. Paul’s School; Concord, NH​

“Focused on individual identity development, expanded political analysis, personal ​ ​leadership skills, and​ ​network transformation tools, the Institute will support students to acquire a deep understanding of how​ ​the systems of race, class, gender, and heterosexism impact their lives and the lives of their peers, and the​ ​skills to take increased leadership roles at their individual institutions. SJLI is a powerful two-day interactive​ ​retreat that ​ ​rings together student leaders from New England Independent schools to learn, connect, build community and act with the support of an experienced, multi racial staff team.”

The Social Justice Leadership Institute was an enlightening experience for me. I had the opportunity to explore the multiple aspects of my identity. This conference taught me to be vulnerable and stand up against injustice not only against my race or sexuality, but also those of others. I recognized the marginalization I face and also the privilege that I have as a heterosexual, Afro- Latina woman.

Kate Cabrera ‘21

“I enjoyed hearing about others’ perspectives and experiences regarding the issues of race and gender. It was enlightening to realize that many have very different day-to-day experiences than I do.”

Caitlin Waugh ‘20

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