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07-04_speech_1The Milton Academy Speech Team earned the right to called themselves the best speech team in Massachusetts. Over the weekend, Milton’s speechies took first place in the State Championship Tournament at Silver Lake High School in Kingston, Massachusetts. Milton won the tournament a full 50 points ahead of the second place competition, and six Milton students were named State Champions in their category.

Individual Results

State Champions

Frank Smith in Play Reading
Sabrina Lee in Original Oratory
Jacob Hentoff in Poetry
Kenzie Bok in Student Congress
Matt Gottesdiener in Extemporaneous Speaking
Lexa Gluck in Dramatic Interpretation


Play Reading
Brooke Rice 2nd

Mike Cohen 2nd
Molly Serventi-Gleeson 4th

Lily Kaiser 5th

Original Oratory
Allan Jean-Baptiste 3rd
Liz Stark 4th
Matt Boyle 5th
Tina Nguyen 6th

Novice Extemp
Jordan Windmeuller 3rd
Brennan Robbins 6th
Humorous Frank Smith 2nd
Megan Campos 4th
Dylan Tedaldi 5th

Marcos Sastre 2nd
Gabi Starfield 4th

Matt Boyle 6th

Children’s Literature
Amelia Whalen 2nd (Top Novice)
Catie O’Sullivan (Honorable Mention)

Jacob Hentoff, Steve Wagner, Adit Basheer
Lexa Gluck, Gabi Starfield, Liz Stark 2nd