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Costumes All Day Every Day

09-11_space_day_1Last Friday we had a preview of what we could expect, but “Space Day” costumes today topped all the expectations. With silver helmets or iridescent tights, aliens, robots and techno-gadgets roamed the hallways.  Head monitors Assel Tuleubayeva and Nicholas Jacob launched Spirit Week at Monday morning assembly with a fashion show; appropriately dressed seniors demonstrated hip gear for the days to come: Twins Day, Pattern Day, Pajama Day and finally Spirit Day when only orange and blue will do. We can expect a parade highlighting the day’s costumes every morning at recess; classes with the best representations of weirdly attired students will earn prizes. The most lacklustre class will earn it’s own title, day by day, as well. Judging from day one, Milton students seem to like the chance to access their creative side, and the challenge of going beyond class wear.