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10-04-02_service_trip_1Nine Milton students packed their tools and traveled to Appalachia during spring break to repair a family’s home hit hard by this year’s severe winter weather. With faculty member Geordie Dunnington and handyman volunteer Aaron Belyea, the group not only repaired the porch and rotted bathroom, but they also cleared and prepared grounds and buildings of the retreat facility that will host work crews in this western Virginia town over the summer.

 “The most memorable moment was standing on the front lawn with the family — sharing the finished product with them, and talking with them about their lives, where they grew up, their jobs, and where they’ve lived,” said Lillie RaRochelle (III).  

Students enjoyed the chance to learn about the culture of the area and lifestyles of those who work in the coalmines. “I have always been surrounded by technology and thought it was impossible, in the 21st century, to live without it, but it was quite possible there,” said Juwon Kim (III). “ I learned a lot about mining, their main source economic survival, and the horrific conditions miners have endured.”