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The Milton Academy Rocketry Project Team’s high performance rocket was launched at the annual New England Regional Rocketry Festival (N.E.R.R.F.) in New York on Friday, June 17. The rocket’s engines were ignited on the first day of this three-day festival and “the motor came right up to pressure and the rocket took off on a perfectly straight flight”, according to Ryan Sebastian ’06. Data and video from this successful launch, and flights similar to this, will be used and analyzed in the Class IV physics program this fall. Graphical representation of the flight’s live, on-board computer data will be available to students using the G-Wiz flight viewer software. Over the next two years, the team hopes to build a minimum-diameter, all-composite rocket, capable of flying to experimental launch altitudes exceeding one to two miles, and eventually attaining maximum speeds exceeding Mach 1.