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08-09_scavenger_1Class II students and their advisors rummaged around the streets of Boston on Class Day to compete in the Class of 2010 Scavenger Hunt event.  The rules were simple—teams traveled by foot or by T train through the city to garner the most points by collecting items and performing tasks on a scavenger list.  Tasks included taking a photo of their group in front of the oldest statue in Boston, finding the name of the 24-hour bakery in the North End, and naming the café in Harvard Square that hosted folk singers like Tracy Chapman, Suzanne Vega and Martin Sexton.

“We organized the hunt in order to get students into Boston and help them to work with each other,” said Class II dean, Kim Samson.

While all groups did a great job developing strategies to use limited resources to accomplish their tasks, in the end, “there can only be one.”  That one is “Team 50” and, as part of their reward, the team receives praise on Milton’s homepage. Good job.