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The new publication on campus is aptly named The Current. Available every other Friday in the basement of the Ware Hall, the publication focuses on one idea or hot question and covers the topic in point, counter-point style.

Johanna Smith ’02 developed the idea last winter, pulled a few people together, formed a board, secured a faculty advisor, and started writing. Past issues have covered topics such as genetic engineering, and have explored whether Milton Academy is headed in the right direction. “It’s important to balance topics between Milton issues and broad-based issues,” explains Johanna Smith, editor-in-chief. Each issue contains both staff-written stories and student and faculty opinions.

The day an issue goes out, the staff begins working on the next issue. The staff scours campus with a tape-recorder and notepad, gathering opinions from across campus. The next issue of The Current will ask: “What is the role of art in society?”

The low-tech paper is designed in Microsoft Word and is printed locally at Copy Cop. While the group doesn’t have an office at the moment, they make use of the English Department office or any other empty space.

To subscribe or apply to The Current please contact one of the editors: Johanna Smith, editor-in-chief Miriam Lawrence co-managing editor Jacqueline Tse, co-managing editor Caroline Donovan, copy editor Christopher Dalton, senior editor.