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08-04_prom_1On Friday, April 18, the Community Service Board hosted a dance on campus for the elderly members of Milton’s community. The Board invited guests from three Milton residences—Unquity House, Fuller Village and Winter Valley—to visit our campus and dance the night away.

Years ago, the event was an annual tradition at the School, but had been forgotten about over time.  Community Service Board Co-head Emily Rider-Longmaid and Board member Katherine Perzan were inspired to organize it once again after meeting with former faculty member and alumnus, Geoff Theobald.

“Geoff mentioned that he had organized the Senior-Senior Prom while at Milton,” said faculty member Heather Sugrue, “and Emily and Katherine thought it would be wonderful to revive an old tradition.  Many Milton students joined in the fun and everyone had a great time.  Mr. Theobald was on our guest list too, and he was happy to stop by and see the success of the event.”