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moving_inRain has not dampened the happy buzz on campus as new students arrive for registration, orientation and a campus-wide scavenger hunt.  Milton’s admission committee selected this class from among 1032 applications last year.   This week, 164 new students begin School; 107 are boarding students and 57 are day students.

Milton’s new students hail from 21 states and 14 countries—places as geographically and culturally diverse as New England, California, Nebraska, Texas, the Bahamas, China, Japan, Jordan and Switzerland.  At least 18 languages are spoken in students’ homes, including French, Kasakh, Korean, and Arabic.

These students are unique, interesting and opinionated individuals. Their backgrounds and interests are rich, varied and intriguing. One student is a football player who knits hats for orphans. Another is a hockey goalie and she is also a sculptor. A third is a nationally ranked Irish step dancer, and another was the editor of his school’s daily online news Web site. One home-schooled student started an all-girls robotic team in her hometown because the boys’ team excluded girls from competing.

They are the children of an equally diverse group of parents. A former Olympic athlete, an electrician and a teacher all have children in this class. So do a fire fighter, a college provost and an Army lieutenant colonel on active duty.

Milton’s entering class arrives as an impressive and compelling group of individuals who, over the next few years, will identify, pursue and accomplish their personal goals.