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08-09_trustees01_1Erika Mobley ’86 was elected as a member of the Board of Trustees in April 2008. Active in global business development initiatives at Apple, Inc., Erika recently moved back to California from Australia, having just completed an international assignment as senior product marketing manager, iTunes for Australia and New Zealand. In her work with Apple, RealNetworks, and Palm, Erika has had extensive experience in legal matters, global business strategy and deal-making, international law, global product marketing, strategic branding, anti-piracy and copyright law enforcement in the music industry, from the traditional through the digital era.

Erika is a graduate of Yale University and Georgetown University Law Center. A member of Milton’s Head of School Council, Erika has also served as a class agent and a reunion committee member, and has faithfully attended many San Francisco Milton events. She lives with her husband, Andrew Speight, and their children, Colin and Avery, in Brisbane, California.

08-09_trustees02_1V-Nee Yeh ’77, one of the first students to enroll at Milton from Hong Kong, was elected to the Board of Trustees in April 2008. V-Nee is the founder and director of Cheetah Investment Management Limited. Cheetah is a Hong Kong-based investment advisory firm that specializes in absolute return strategies and hedge funds. With extensive experience in corporate finance—including roles with the Lazard Group in London, Hong Kong and New York—V-Nee has held positions on the Listing Committee of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and on China’s CSRC Listing Committee.  According to Cheetah’s Web site, V-Nee is a “pioneer in applying value investing in Asia, having been a co-founder of one of the largest value fund managers in Hong Kong.”

V-Nee is a graduate of Williams College and Columbia University’s School of Law. He is an active volunteer for Milton’s admissions efforts in Hong Kong and in 2007 established the Yeh Family Scholarship Fund, which assists students from Greater China. He and his wife, Mira, have one daughter, Nadya.