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aca_integrityEach fall, Milton sets up an important conversation between adults and students about our standards on academic integrity. Now a September assembly tradition, Academic Dean Jackie Bonenfant asks students to consider the effects of their decisions ahead about how they complete and turn in their work. After they hear Ms. Bonenfant’s thoughts, they then break into smaller groups with their advisors to raise and discuss different scenarios.

Quoting from the book The Honest Truth About Dishonesty, Ms. Bonenfant reminded students, faculty and staff why we revisit this conversation at the start of every school year: “Evidence suggests that when we are simply reminded of ethical standards, we behave more honorably.”

The focus of this year’s conversation is “collaboration,” as teachers often expect and encourage students to work together to share ideas, solve problems and complete projects. Group discussions focused on helping students understand the guidelines for collaboration in different disciplines; what a student should do if he or she feels unprepared for an assignment or exam; and how students can work with teachers, advisors and the Academic Skills Center to avoid confusion or ambiguities. These open conversations encourage students to share questions, opinions and concerns and set the tone for the academic year.