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prmt_logo_1Milton is collaborating with the University of Pennsylvania and a consortium of six other leading boarding schools to implement a new program that brings to Milton young scholars interested in teaching careers. Set on “preparing the next generation of outstanding teachers,” the Penn Residency Master’s in Teaching program involves prospective teachers in an innovative and comprehensive curriculum designed explicitly for boarding school’s particular environment. Milton is ready to include up to two Penn program participants during the coming school year.

Over two years, Penn Residency fellows will immerse themselves in the daily life of a boarding school, as well as in course work. The course work includes sessions at Penn’s Graduate School of Education and on boarding school campuses. At Milton, designated faculty mentors will work with the prospective teachers, and help them assume responsibility gradually, in teaching, advising, coaching—in helping young people discover and develop diverse talents. The Penn Residency program was developed for energetic, young people excited about the opportunity to teach at a top boarding school while earning a master’s degree. The faculty at Milton are excited by this opportunity to share both teaching skills and a commitment to students’ lives. For more information, explore theprogram Web site.