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The Milton Academy Jazz Combos payed tribute to legend Art Blakey in the fall jazz concert on Friday, October 19, in King Theatre. The concert began with a performance by Sam Pearce and Jonah Francese on trumpet; Brady Caspar on alto sax; Kim Chang on flute; Suzanne Gallo and Ben Naddaff-Hafrey playing piano; Wyatt Cmar and Kyle Sykes on guitar; Lucy Kahn on bass; and Ethan Schneider on drums. The evening continued with a performance by Tom Shaw on trumpet; Barrett Takesian on alto sax; Nick Eisen-Berkeley on tenor sax; Steve Wagner on violin; Derek Huang playing piano; Jamie Maynard on guitar; Spencer Gaffney on bass; and Will Pride on drums.  The last group to take the stage included Drew Hresko on alto sax; Chris Côte on trumpet; Samara Oster doing vocals; Adrian Alston-Moore on tenor sax; James Keefe playing piano; Will English on guitar; Alec Seymour on bass; Bernardo Schuhmacher on drums; and Will Davis on percussion.  The performance included such classics as Blues March, This Here, A la Mod, The Soulful Mr. Timmon, Carava, and Up Jumped Spring.