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November 3, 2017; Wheaton College; Norton, Massachusetts

buzz-wheatLeadThe forum’s theme was From Innovation to Social Impact. “Students from more than 50 schools throughout the Northeast will come to Wheaton for the the day to work collaboratively on developing solutions to some of society’s biggest challenges, including Equality, Politics, the Environment and Public Health.” Students join “with other high school leaders to address some of the critical social topics of the day. They will engage with like-minded peers, be challenged to think globally and will leave with the knowledge and tools necessary to provide a positive social impact.”

“I want to bring to the community not only the discussions that we had but also the manner in which we had them. While discussing the issues, people were focused and attentive but also relaxed. We listened and questioned without attacking. We shared and valued experiences both similar to and different from our own. I want the Milton community to not be afraid of asking questions and of having difficult discussions, but I want us to do so in a polite and considerate manner.”                                    Anna Michailova ‘19

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