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October 20 – 21, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

“The White Privilege Symposium examines the challenging concepts of diversity, power, privilege, leadership and oppression, focusing on issues of systemic inequity through empowering courageous, educational and action-oriented programming. All workshops, keynotes and institutes will provide practical tips, tools and strategies for combating systemic inequities.” The symposium included speakers such as Jackie Battalora, Chuck Collins, Debby Irving, Peggy McIntosh, Eddie Moore, Jr., Jasiri X & many others, and the theme for this year was Understanding & Challenging Privilege: One Ally at a Time.

“I enjoyed all of the speakers, especially Dr. Jacqueline Battalora’s talk on the history of whiteness. I probably want to bring back the importance of understanding privilege, especially white privilege, as I think this is often overlooked in our community.”

Matty Tyler ‘18

“I enjoyed the different knowledge perspective I was getting from a group I most likely never would have interacted with…I learned a lot about the history of race in America, how economic success is tied into our racial identities, and how rooted white supremacy is in our society…If possible, I would want Jacqueline Battalora to come speak at the school, but if not, I just want white privilege to be expressed in a similar historical context as she did.”

Jayla Rhodes ‘20  

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