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11-03_dance_1Ushering in spring with its energetic performances, colorful costumes and lively music, the Winter Dance Concert is one of the most popular performances on campus each year. Student choreographers begin work mid-autumn: preparing dance pieces, submitting proposals to director and dance teacher Kelli Edwards, auditioning and choosing dancers.

This year’s concert included a mix of modern dance, hip-hop, ballet, tap and step. Some highlights included an African dance and a piece by Kelli Edwards that had 26 dancers, including eight faculty and staff members. (The adult performers were Jeanne Jacobs, Laura Cannata, Andrea Geyling, Leah Jones, Tracy Crews, Tonysha Taylor, Rhianne Crowley and Katie Williams.) One dance also incorporated a real-time, live feed of the performance projected behind the dancers as they moved on stage.