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Sarah Storer Goodwin transformed women’s education at Milton and laid the foundation for the dynamic curriculum of Milton Academy today. Before her arrival and the establishment of the Girls’ School at Milton, women’s education was an addendum to the primary focus of preparing the next generation of men. With only seven women enrolled in Milton at the start of her tenure, Goodwin quickly ignited her students’ love for learning and personal development, inspiring many more young women to enroll. The curriculum proved to be ahead of its time, providing students with the skills necessary to attend college and inspiring lifelong passions for math, science, and literature. Her love for theater was quickly absorbed and reradiated by her enthusiastic pupils, who began to perform outdoor plays behind their dorm. Former students recall her teachings with admiration: “Miss Goodwin understands… She can teach us to find our way in a world previously intended only for rude, scornful, or entirely indifferent males.” Goodwin’s legacy remains a testament to the revolutionary power of creating dynamic learning spaces where young women can empower themselves to think beyond the constraints of their societal moment.