Milton Academy Middle School

Community Values

  • We are committed to creating an experience and environment that is safe, academically challenging, and recognizes and appreciates the unique needs of middle schoolers.
  • Our Middle School core community values include, first and foremost, the health, safety, and social-emotional well-being of our community members, including students, families, faculty, and staff.
  • We are committed to respect for self and others, appreciation of differences, and responsibility for one’s actions.
  • Our grade-level teams work together to create a community that supports our young adolescents as they experience significant intellectual, social, emotional, and physical change.
  • We value time for teachers to connect with students and collaboration among teachers across departments.
  • We value diversity, equity, and inclusion work for all students and adults. We strive to meet the specific learning needs of each student and value the different perspectives and styles of all learners.