Milton Academy Buses


The Academy has contracted with Local Motion to meet our day student transportation needs for grades 6 through 12. There will be four routes offered – BROOKLINE ROUTE (Chestnut Hill/Brookline), NEWTON/WELLESLEY ROUTE (Newton/Wellesley), DOVER ROUTE (South Natick/Dover/ Needham/Dedham), CAMBRIDGE ROUTE (Boston/Cambridge). Download the bus schedule here. Please note that there are 4 days during the school year that the bus runs on an alternative afternoon schedule in order to accommodate opening of school activities. These dates are outlined below.

All students are dropped off in the upper facilities parking lot behind Academy Road in the morning. In the afternoon, students may board the bus on Academy Road.

The registration form will be available here in July. You will be billed for the service with your September month-end statement. All students registered for the bus will be issued a route specific Bus Identification Tag, which can be picked up at registration during the first two days of school. Tags must be affixed to the student’s backpack so that the bus drivers can verify a student is registered.

Please note that there is a $150 cancellation fee for canceling the bus service prior to the start of school. As a result of a fixed, full-year contract with the service provider, the Academy cannot refund canceled half-year or one-direction passes after the start of school. Students who purchase full-year, round trip passes, but whose circumstances after the start of school require them to make other transportation arrangements, are eligible for a 40% refund if service is canceled by November 1, 2020.

If you have any questions about bus registration, please contact the campus services and events office at 617-898-2483.

The following rates apply for the 2020-2021 academic year:

Full year, round trip $3,050
Full year, one direction $2,120
First half year, both directions $2,120
Second half year, both directions $2,120

One-way trip passes for $14. (per pass) are available at the Milton Academy bookstore for those students who occasionally need to use the bus service


School Bus Regulations

  • Registered bus students must present their bus ID (affixed to their backpack) each time they board the bus. If the registered student does not have their bus ID, they must provide their name and signature on the sign in sheet, along with a reason for not having the required identification. Students who do not have their bus identification tag more than five times during each semester may be charged a processing fee of $10 each time they board the bus without their ID. Replacement bus identification tags can be ordered through the campus services and events office at 617-898-2483. A $15 fee will be charged to the student’s account to cover the cost of replacement.
  • Non-registered students may ride the bus using a one-time/one-way ride pass (available for purchase at the bookstore). Students will present the pass to the bus driver and sign the daily pass sheet each time they ride the bus. Students who do not have a one-time/one-way pass must sign in with the driver. Students riding without this pass will have their IA account charged $20 each time they ride the bus without the pass.
  • Students should arrive at least 5 minutes ahead of their scheduled pickup time to ensure the bus remains on schedule. This also applies for the afternoon bus run. This “flex time” is due to traffic and weather conditions.
  • The bus has a schedule to meet and cannot wait for late students. The bus will depart promptly after the scheduled pickup time. Should a student miss the bus, parents must find alternative means of transporting their child to school.
  • Bus times and locations are typically changed for special days such as the opening of school and the start of school vacations. Students should pay close attention and look for those announcements via email and during morning assemblies.
  • Should an off-campus pickup or drop off location change, the school will communicate the change to those families affected.

Alternative schedule days (opening of school):

September 8: Normal morning schedule; 6pm ONLY bus for upper school students (no 4pm)
September 9:Normal morning schedule; 2pm bus for middle school students, 6pm ONLY bus for upper school students (no 4 p.m.)
September 10 & 11: Normal morning schedule; 2pm bus for middle school students, 4pm and 6pm bus for upper school students

Please note: Local Motion of Boston has a vehicle tracker app that will display the current location of the bus. Directions to download the app will be sent to families when they register for bus service.