Off-Campus Programs

Study Abroad Programs

study_abroad2009_1Immersion in a totally different surrounding opens students’ eyes, and they assimilate a new way of living and looking at the world. For many, their time abroad is a defining experience in their lives.

Milton Academy offers a number of foreign study opportunities for interested students. Exchange programs in France and Spain are offered, as well as the School Year Abroad program.

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The Mountain School Program

mountain-school-webThe Mountain School of Milton Academy involves Class II students (juniors) in a fall or spring semester on a working 300-acre farm in Vershire, Vermont. Each semester, 45 students from more than 20 schools join a corps of faculty in a rigorous interdisciplinary program, which is centered around issues of community and the environment. Students work with faculty to help manage the farm, its gardens and animals, as well as its facilities. The semester is an ongoing exercise in individual responsibility and group cooperation. As many as nine students from Milton Academy are selected to attend the Mountain School each year.
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The Maine Coast Semester, “Chewonki”

mainecoast_1The Maine Coast Semester, “Chewonki” is a one-semester opportunity for Class II students to continue their academic program while living on a 400-acre peninsula on the Maine coast. The campus, surrounded by a tidal estuary, provides a beautiful setting of pasture and pine forest in which to explore the relationship between people and the environment. Milton Academy gives graduation credit for Chewonki courses. The academic curriculum offered by Chewonki coincides with many of the courses offered at Milton Academy. Interested Class III students need to submit an application to the Deans’ Office by early February.
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From its residential base in Dobbs Ferry, a forty-minute train ride north of Grand Central Station, CityTerm uses New York City as its classroom and laboratory. CityTerm’s curriculum allows students to meet many of Milton’s course requirements while at the same time providing a unique interdisciplinary learning experience which takes advantage of the setting of the school. Milton Academy gives graduation credit for CityTerm courses. Interested Class III students need to submit an application to the Deans’ Office by early February.
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