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Health and Counseling for Milton Academy Students


Faulkner Health Center is located at 348 Centre Street, on Milton’s east campus. Physicians from Children’s Hospital Boston provide medical services and treatment through a combination of on campus and telehealth services. In addition, physicians are available to consult with our nursing staff during evenings and weekends.

Faulkner Health Center is staffed with registered nurses 24/7. Nursing staff are trained to treat or triage all levels of our students’ health needs with care and respect for the diverse backgrounds and cultures of our student population. Nursing staff also work collaboratively with counselors, athletic trainers, dorm parents, and advisors to provide a whole health approach to the care our students receive at Faulkner.

Recent renovations to Faulkner provide additional rooms with private bathrooms for students to rest when they are not feeling well. Faulkner has designated spaces for students who have been diagnosed with or are suspected of having COVID-19, or other contagious infections such as flu, which will allow for isolation and quarantine as needed, including a separate entrance and assessment area to ensure the health and safety of all members of the Milton Academy community.


In addition to the Faulkner Health Center, there is a nursing office located in the Arts and Media Center (AMC) on school days from 7:45 am to 5:00 pm. At this location, there is a nurse available during these hours to provide care and administer medications to students in the Middle School as well as the Upper School.

In the Lower School, there is a nurse in the Junior Building every day from 8:00 am. To 3:00 p.m. This nurse also serves the Lower School students in Greenleaf as needed.

Faulkner Health Center
348 Centre Street, Milton, MA 02186
617-898-2450 Nursing
617-898-2451 Administrative Coordinator

AMC Nursing Office
Lower level, Room 017

Lower School Nursing Office
Junior Building


Milton Academy’s Counseling Center is located at 313 Randolph Avenue on Milton Academy’s main campus. The Counseling Center is staffed with four full-time licensed masters and doctoral level clinicians. Milton also provides clinical internships for masters and doctoral students. Dr. Kaizad Munshi, a board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist from Children’s Hospital Boston, provides medical services and treatment to boarding students and regularly consults with the Counseling staff.

Counselors provide therapeutic support and counseling to students for a variety of reasons. Students may refer themselves to see a counselor or they may be referred by a teacher, advisor, or parent. Milton’s counselors engage in the school in a variety of ways, including teaching in the affective education program, advising students, working with student groups, and consulting to residential staff.

Counselors are available for scheduled appointments with students during the school day between 8am – 4pm. In addition, counselors provide on-call services for urgent matters after 4pm every night and weekend.. Counselors work collaboratively with nurses, teachers, dorm parents, and advisors to support students in the Upper School. Students can set up an appointment with a counselor by emailing the Director of Counseling, LIsa Morin at

Students can reach a counselor during the on-call hours at 617-898-2470.