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Arts Departments


The arts at Milton are comprised of three separate but cooperating departments—music, performing arts and visual arts. These departments are united by the philosophy of the Arts Program as described below by Kay Herzog, faculty emerita.

“At the heart of the Program, the original notion still unites us: a belief that while some individuals possess special talents, each individual may become more creative and expressive if only he or she is given time and support necessary to gain self-confidence. The Arts at Milton are about making and doing. We believe in the making of a product—a performance, a dance, a painting—arrived at through a process that teaches skills—the use of the body, the use of the eyes, the use of voice. We believe that everyone can be an artists; that each of us has within us the imagination, the memory of life experience, the vision, the point of view, the ‘stuff’ that all artists use to make art. To these ends, all the arts courses encourage students to take risk, to think creatively, to express his or her special ‘voice’ to find a means for self expression.”

Arts Program courses foster creative thinking and introduce students to new ways of perceiving and interpreting ideas. All are full-credit, graded courses and students should expect to do some preparation outside of class. All students entering Milton before their Class II year must take one Arts Program course. This is normally taken during their Class II or III year. Students are welcome to take additional Arts Program courses after they have fulfilled the diploma requirement, and many advanced arts courses require a particular Arts Program course as a prerequisite. Arts Program courses do not presuppose any special talents but do require energetic participation and effort. Any one of the courses listed below satisfies the Arts Program diploma requirement. A full description of each course is on the page indicated.

NOTE: Students entering in Class II are not required to complete an Arts Program course except as a prerequisite to advanced-level elective courses.

Courses Fulfilling Arts Program Requirement

Sculpture|Ceramics + Design
Drawing|Painting + Design
Photography|Digital Imaging + Design
Technology|Media + Design
Film|Moving-Image + Design
Spoken Word Performance
Design for the Theatre
Creative Writing
Jazz Improvisation
Music Package

NOTE: The courses listed above are open to Classes I–III only.

Facts About Art at Milton

Art at Milton is rigorous, creative and active.

Art courses are scheduled first, not last, which guarantees student choice.

Art is taken as one of five academic subjects in Class III, II and I.
All art courses are taught by experienced teachers who are professional artists in their own right.

Art students at Milton are often good at more than one thing: an athlete can also paint, actors also sculpt, and writers can photograph.

The visual arts department utilizes a 16-station PC-based digital laboratory to integrate imaging technology into each of the art courses.

More than 100 students are enrolled in advanced visual arts courses.