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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Milton’s policy on tryouts and cuts?

All students in Classes I–IV may try out for the first team (varsity). If Class IV students want to play on the second team (junior varsity), they should try out for the team at their grade level (third team) and they will be evaluated by the appropriate coaches. Moving up to a higher-level team depends upon skill, numbers, and the need to provide play time and experience for all members of a team. Several athletes typically move up to higher-level teams each year, based on coaches’ reviews. Allowing skilled players to play up corresponds with Milton’s philosophy, demonstrated in academics as well, that each student be supported and challenged based on what he or she needs now. At the Middle School level (fourth team), Milton tries to identify additional coaching to provide A and B teams so that all students can play. No one is cut from a Middle School fourth team.

Whom should I call with a question about athletics?

When the issue relates to a specific team, parents should call or email the relevant coach. You may also call the athletic department at 617-898-2252. For game day updates and cancellations, please visit the athletics calendar. The calendar is immediately updated when there is a change in the schedule or when a game is cancelled.

What are Milton’s procedures with respect to injuries?

Milton’s Certified Athletic Trainers, along with the Health Center nurses, are in charge of handling all injuries sustained in and out of sports. Coaches follow the directives of the athletic trainers.  When a student sees an outside physician or physical therapist, they must bring a note to the athletic trainers regarding their visit and playing status. For more questions about injury procedures, please contact the athletic training staff.

Where can I get information about a game’s status in the case of rain?

For game day updates and cancellations, please visit the athletics calendar. The calendar is immediately updated when there is a change in the schedule or when a game is cancelled due to weather.

How can I find my son’s or daughter’s field location?

Teams play on assigned fields. Click here for a map of Milton fields.

Does Milton provide water for each team?

Coaches are aware of the essential importance of hydration for students, and they keep abreast of current articles and research findings. At home, Milton provides coaches of each team with ten-gallon jugs for water and appropriate brackets of Gatorade for each team.  Milton coaches carry the Gatorade and jugs to away games, and fill the jugs on site.

What food does Milton provide for athletes?

When players leave school for an away game before the dining hall meals begin or return after the dining hall is closed, Milton provides box lunches. Within these policy guidelines, coaches are authorized to and are responsible for ordering boxed lunches from the food service. Sometimes, if they are traveling together, coaches of first and second teams coordinate their order; sometimes they order separately. Ultimately, this is a coach’s decision. When any team leaves for a game at 11 a.m. and plans to return at 5 p.m., box lunches are not ordered, because food is available in the dining hall for players prior to their getting on the bus, and upon their return. If something unexpected happens, and the team can’t return on time, the policy is that coaches stop, buy meals (at a fast food restaurant) and get reimbursement back at Milton. For example, when games are delayed on SAT testing days, and a game isn’t until 3 p.m. at Deerfield, the coach should make arrangements for a box lunch or cash for dinner on the way back.

Are parents involved in providing drinks or food for players?

Because Milton provides for both proper hydration and food when meals will be missed, parents are not expected to get involved and Milton does not have a policy on parent involvement. Some teams have a tradition of parent participation; others do not. For example, for the girls’ first soccer team, over the past 20 years, a rotation of parents have dropped food and/or beverages at the locker room, whether or not food is provided as a result of School policy. Similar plans have been in effect with boys’ and girls’ hockey, girls’ lacrosse and football.  In these cases, parents get team rosters, through students, from coaches, and contact other parents to set up game-by-game plans — either to cooperate on providing snacks or to contribute to a fund that one parent manages for supplying snacks. Parents are welcome to set up such plans, but are not expected to do so. Coaches are not responsible for replicating these plans for teams. Parents’ who plan to provide game food should also plan for appropriate clean-up, since coaches’ focus must be on managing the team rather than disposing of related debris.

Who supplies the school spirit tee shirts that students purchase?

The Athletic Association, a student organization, from their independent budget, creates, procures and sells “school spirit” tee shirts. They estimate their order so that enough are available for students that want them, so that all are sold, and their budget stays in the black. Typically an order of 288 tee shirts (2 gross) accomplishes this goal. This year the Athletic Association plans to sell tee shirts for Nobles early to accommodate additional orders, if necessary, so every student who wants one will have one.

How can my student secure his valuables during practices or games?

All students have the opportunity to use an assigned locker in one of three locations; Milton makes an effort to provide a locker where it will be convenient for the player. Milton provides locks, and students are responsible for locking their lockers.

How should I go about renting the gym or rink for my local team?

All requests to rent athletic space should go to Paula Bonarrigo, director of business services and special programs, 617-898-2480, or