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College Matriculations

Milton prepares young people to seek meaningful lifetime success, and that principle drives our college counseling program. We believe that the college process can help our students grow, both emotionally and socially. Through this process, we help our students develop the tools to take on the world with gusto, resourcefulness, and joy.

College Matriculations, Class of 2021

Amherst College: 3
Babson College: 3
Bates College: 3
Boston College: 6
Bowdoin College: 4
Brown University: 3
Carnegie Mellon University: 4
University of Chicago: 5
Columbia University: 5
Cornell University: 5
Dartmouth College: 5
Georgetown University: 9
Harvard University: 7
Kenyon College: 3
Mount Holyoke College: 3
New York University: 5
Northeastern University: 3
Trinity College: 6
Tufts University: 5
University of Vermont: 4
Washington Univ in St Louis: 3
Wesleyan University: 3

(2 each)
Barnard, Boston Univ, Brandeis, Colorado Coll, Univ of Edinburgh, Duke, Holy Cross, Northwestern, Occidental, Univ of Southern California, Univ of St Andrews, Stanford, Syracuse, Vanderbilt, Vassar

(1 each)
Univ of Aberdeen, American, Bath Spa Univ, Bentley, Bucknell, UC Berkeley, Clark, Colby, Columbia Univ/Trinity Coll Dublin International Dual BA, Connecticut, Denison, Drexel, Elon, Emerson, Emory, George Washington, Hamilton, Harvey Mudd, Haverford, Johns Hopkins, Lake Forest, Lawrence, Lehigh, MIT, Univ of Mass (Amherst), Univ of Mass (Lowell), McGill, Morehouse, Oberlin, Penn State Univ, Univ of Pennsylvania, Univ of Pittsburgh, Pratt Institute, Princeton, Reed, Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst, Rice, Santa Clara, Savannah College of Art & Design, Skidmore, Smith, Suffolk, Swarthmore, Tulane, U.S. Air Force Academy, Univ of The Arts London, Univ of Toronto, Univ of Virginia, Wheaton, Univ of Wisconsin, Yale

Top College Matriculations

American University: 8
Amherst College: 12
Babson College: 5
Barnard College: 8
Bates College: 8
Boston College: 18
Bowdoin College: 10
Brown University: 14
Carnegie Mellon University: 5
University of Chicago: 23
Colby College: 7
Columbia University: 10
Connecticut College: 4
Cornell University: 8
Dartmouth College: 16
Duke University: 4
Georgetown University: 17
Hamilton College: 4
Harvard College: 22
Haverford College: 4
Kenyon College: 6
University of Massachusetts, Amherst: 7
Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 4
Middlebury College: 9
Mount Holyoke College: 4
New York University: 21
Northeastern University: 9
Northwestern University: 5
University of Pennsylvania: 4
Pomona College: 4
Princeton University: 7
University of Southern California: 4
Stanford University: 4
Trinity College: 12
Tufts University: 10
Tulane University: 7
University of St Andrews: 6
Vanderbilt University: 4
University of Vermont: 7
University of Virginia: 7
Washington University in St. Louis: 7
Wesleyan University: 11
Yale University: 7