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Make your mark

Would you like to see your writing in print, organize support for an environmental idea, or run a mock election? Do you want to film a student production, compete with other high schools in math, or promote the visual arts all over campus? Whatever your inclination, whatever you’d like to try, Milton has opportunities for you. Milton’s wide range of clubs and activities profoundly affects students’ lives; students experience leadership, teamwork, performance and service.

Campus and Community Service

Your Milton experience will be enriched by service opportunities both on and off campus. Programs begin right here at Milton, extend into the Greater Boston area, and even include Milton Academy chapters of national and global service organizations.

Service Opportunities at Milton

Amnesty International

Community Engagement Board

Habitat for Humanity

Individual Student Support (advanced peer counseling)

Lorax (environmental organization)

Orange and Blue Key tour guide program

Peer Tutoring Public Issues Board (current events educators and programmers)

Reach to Teach (raise awareness about education inequality)

SECS (Students Educating the Community about Sex)

Sustainability Board

Student Leadership Opportunities

As a student-elected leader, your input can have a real impact on life at Milton. Strengthen your public-speaking skills, learn diplomacy and organization, get to know your school administrators, and translate your ideas and your classmates’ ideas into action.

Leadership Opportunities at Milton

Self-Governing Association

Boarding Council

Day Council

Student Activities Association

Athletic Association

Cultural Groups

Share in the diversity at Milton by joining one of the active cultural groups on campus. Each group warmly welcomes students of all backgrounds.

Groups at Milton

Asian Society

Caribbean Students Association

Christian Fellowship

French Club

GASP! (Gender and Sexuality Perspectives)

Jewish Student Union

Latino Association

Muslim Student Association

ONYX (African-American culture)

Spanish Club

SAGE (Students Advocating for Gender Equity)

SIMA (Students Interested in Middle Eastern Affairs)

South Asian Society

Special Interest Clubs

Interests at Milton extend beyond the classroom, fields or stage. Anyone can join, and anyone can bring their own interests and hobbies to share with classmates.

Clubs at Milton

Architecture Club

A/V (Audio/Visual) Club

Arts Board

Chess Club

Film Club

Fishing Club

Hip-Hop Club

Improv Club

Invest in Girls

Math Club

Model UN

Programming Club

Robotics Team

Science and Engineering Club

Speech and Debate Team

Step Club

Student Publications

Poet, journalist, or critic, you can become a published writer at Milton. No prior experience required!

Student Publications at Milton

The Milton Paper (weekly newspaper)

The Milton Measure (biweekly newspaper)

The Milton Academy Yearbook

Magus/Mabus (literary magazine)

Mille-Tonnes (French newspaper)

La Voz (Spanish newspaper)

Loose-leaf (Asian magazine)

Helix (science magazine)

Aché (celebrating diverse cultures)

The F-Word (feminist magazine)

Azaad (identity quarterly)


Slant (current events)

The Arch (architecture)

Stepping into leadership opportunities, specifically thinking of affinity groups and culture clubs, has been meaningful. For me, it was the Multicultural Club. It was really enjoyable to have my opinions heard, and even though I’m an underclassman being able to have leadership positions in that club space. Knowing it’s not necessarily about superiority but it’s about your views and plans for that club and having a good space built up.

Ava heredia '24

Iowa City, Iowa