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Imagine, Then Illustrate, Raúl the Third Tells Students

Imagine, Then Illustrate, Raúl the Third Tells Students

Raúl the Third, an illustrator, author and painter, found his first artistic inspiration in a library.

Born Raúl González in El Paso, Texas, the artist explained that his mother—frustrated with staying in a tiny apartment with three young boys—dragged the family to a public library. Mr. González recalled two sensations he would love forever: air conditioning and the smell of books.

He and his mother got to know the librarians, who would recommend books that helped them learn English. One time, a librarian asked Mr. González to describe a book.

“She said, ‘If you can’t tell me what your favorite part was, why don’t you draw it for me?’” he recalled in a talk with visual arts students during the Nesto Gallery assembly. “From that point on, every time I read a book, I created an illustration for it.”

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Deidre Dunn ‘95 Reflects on Taking Risks and Making Mistakes

Deidre Dunn ‘95 Reflects on Taking Risks and Making Mistakes

It is okay to take risks, get outside one’s comfort zone, and make mistakes, Deidre Dunn ‘95 told students during the Investment Club and Invest in Girls Assembly. Deirdre is managing director and co-head of global rates at Citi.

Deirdre said that even though she considers herself an introvert and dislikes public speaking, returning to campus to talk about her career was an easy decision.

“But not insignificant in my decision is something that I used to do by accident, but now I do on purpose. I pursue things that make me uncomfortable. You could almost say, I have gotten really comfortable being uncomfortable. And it has been incredibly powerful for me.”

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Student Spotlight: Nyla Sams ’20

Senior Nyla Sams performed some spoken word poetry at the Dorchester Municipal Court during the Cultural Appreciation Week Celebration, an event where Massachusetts Probation Service and other Trial Court employees engaged each other in ways that celebrated the rich tapestry and diversity that exists across the Trial Court and in local communities. “Being Who You Are In The World, As You Are” was this year’s theme. Nyla is a member of Milton’s Speech Team.

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