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All The World’s A Stage—Literally—For Fall Plays

All The World’s A Stage—Literally—For Fall Plays

Milton’s performing arts faculty and students found creative solutions to bridge distances and time zones to offer a full slate of performances this fall, including the plays Macbeth, The Illustrated Bradbury, and this weekend’s Class IV play, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.  

Performing Arts Department faculty member Eleza Kort, who directed the Class IV play, said about one-third of the 15 cast members are international students, so meetings and rehearsals were scheduled to accommodate different time zones. Each student received a green screen and filmed themselves performing in front of it. Faculty member Shane Fuller edited the scenes together to look as if the actors were in the same place

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Happenings At Wolcott House

Happenings At Wolcott House

Maintaining a sense of dorm community is a focus of house heads and faculty as boarding students learn remotely during this phase of hybrid learning. In Wolcott House, Joshua Emmott, house head and history faculty member, runs a weekly scavenger hunt for the students, who are competing by advisory group for the “grand prize” in December. The advisory that has 100 percent participation wins custom dorm gear. 

Each week, Emmott posts in CampusGroups a place or item that the student needs to find and photograph. One week was a photo in front of their local post office and another was a local coffee shop. Students post their photos, from places like Beijing, New York, Michigan, and Massachusetts.

Last weekend, the Emmott family hosted a cooking Zoom, featuring “the best cupcakes in the world.” Students received the same recipe so they could cook along with their Wolcott family.

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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Milton’s performing arts department presents Macbeth. Rehearsed and filmed over Zoom—with remote actors spread across six states—the production combines video, effects, and original music to create the dark, vengeful, and mystical world of Shakespeare’s bloody tragedy. The show is being released in six episodes posted weekly throughout the fall, with the first episode premiering on October 23.
Watch the first episode here.

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