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What to expect at Milton

  • classroomStudents here are smart, interested and invested. They work hard, but they laugh a lot, and they know how to have fun.
  • Learning is discussion-based, not lecture-based. Conversation around the Harkness table is where learning comes alive.
  • Your teachers have high expectations of you, because they see your potential—but they offer the support you need to succeed.
  • You will have your own advisor who will stay with you throughout your Milton years. He or she will counsel you and a small group of other students in course selection and navigating School life—keeping in touch with your academic and social progress, acting as your resource and advocate.
  • Your teachers, coaches, house heads and advisors will get to know you well—who you are and what you care about.
  • Your friends here will inspire you, involve you, and help you find out who you really are.
  • Milton is a big school, but with a small feel. Your classes have about 14 students in them. Everyone is part of the action.
  • Options are plentiful—in classes and in activities. Students choose courses and extracurriculars based on well-established interests, but Milton students also love to try new things. We think that’s important! Taking a safe risk is often the gateway to discovering new passions, and meeting new people.
  • Life at Milton is collaborative, not competitive. People help one another, and support each other’s talents and interests. We celebrate a lot.
  • You won’t just become prepared for college—you will develop the skills that prepare you for life.