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For years after high school, Milton students stay connected with faculty members who shifted the course of their lives: teachers who believed in them, supported them, developed their skills, and fueled their growth. The deep commitment of a learned and experienced group of teachers is Milton’s great treasure. They get to know students well, inside and outside of class. They are consistent audience members during performances throughout the year and devoted fans on the sidelines, cheering on teams during all seasons. Inspiring, guiding, seeding ideas and passions, they care deeply, and they work hard to ensure that every student feels supported. Scholars, artists, writers, researchers in their own right, faculty members’ passion for their discipline feeds their love of teaching.

At Milton, you’ll have teachers who:

  • Paint, juggle, perform in community theater, and compose and play music
  • Compete in marathons, distance cycling, figure skating, triathlons and ultimate Frisbee
  • Spend their free time cabinet-making, bee-keeping, and fly-fishing
  • Instruct and practice yoga and Zumba
  • Once designed seven floors of lighting in a Boston skyscraper
  • Spent a year coaching the Chinese Women’s National Hockey Team

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