Our Mission


We champion curiosity and honor scholarship. Inspired by teachers and classmates, Milton students maximize their strengths, try new things, discover fresh areas of interest—all with the support to succeed.


My favorite subject is history, ancient history specifically, so Ancient Civilization was the perfect class for me. Ms. Starks really helps move the discussions around the Harkness table to important topics she knows we would be interested in, and we all learn from each other. People share so many different perspectives around the table. I might have a student from Japan telling me something about Japanese history that I didn’t know, and that helps me understand an issue differently.

Teddy Beaudoin, Class II

Dedham, Massachusetts

Our Mission


Milton is a safe and generous place for young people to exchange ideas. The abilities to listen, communicate, share and collaborate with others are essential life skills, honored and practiced at Milton every day.


Everyone here is a different person, but it’s easy at Milton to form friendships with all kinds of people. Some people are talkative and like to say what’s on their mind; others might be more shy. We all have different backgrounds, but being who you are is easy here, trying new things, having fun with new experiences and people.


Jaejung Justin Yoon '15

Nashville, Tennessee

Our Mission


To us, growing and learning among individuals who share widely divergent life stories, and appreciating their backgrounds and cultures, is an invaluable aspect of a true education. We believe that each of us brings a unique and important dimension to our shared experience, and that drives the relationships at Milton.

Our Mission


Seeking to meet the highest standards—in performance, athletic competition, artistic expression, leadership, intellectual exploration, and understanding our world—is part of Milton’s culture, and a lifelong legacy for our students.

Our Mission


Milton students take on experiences and develop relationships that ultimately affirm their aptitudes and underscore their values, preparing them for the most competitive colleges in the country, and for the broadest array of academic and professional pursuits.



Math is my passion. By coming to Milton, I was finally able to move up to a level where I feel challenged in math. I’m working on all these great projects with my teachers and other students, I’m taking fun contest exams. I am learning so many new things and doing really well in class. I’m finally doing what I want to in math, and that experience has been so cool.

Romain Speciel, Class III

Weston, Massachusetts

Our Mission


Understanding that every encounter affects a young person’s development, faculty surround students with opportunities for intellectual and personal growth, not only during class and during their extensive extracurricular lives, but also within their social lives.




I’ve always been open to trying new things, but Milton gave me the extra push to explore new experiences. This winter, I dove for the swim team. I had never dived before! I started by just learning how to get on the board, and by the end I was doing somersaults. I performed in the spring play this year, too. I had never been on stage before, but Mr. Fuller (from my dorm) encouraged me to audition. At first it was hard to learn the lines and overcome my stage fright. But in the end, it was a lot of fun, and I was really happy that I went for it.

Emilio Pinedo, Class III

Mexico City, Mexico

Our Mission


Milton students are problem solvers; they think outside the box, and they apply what they learn in other disciplines to develop distinctive and sometimes surprising approaches to figuring out the task at hand. They ask good questions, and they puzzle together to discover answers.

Our Mission


Since 1798, Milton has developed strong, indepen-dent, confident thinkers. Students graduate with a clear sense of who they are, what their world is about, and how to contribute. “Dare to be true” is not only a value that resonates through our halls: it’s the cornerstone of our School’s culture and a lifelong commitment for Milton grads.






Milton follows through on its mission and its motto. You’re allowed to be yourself here—to do the things you like to do and try new things, too. So many schools have good academics, but the combination of academics, athletics, arts, different individuals, the culture of support, being so close to Boston: this combination is unique to Milton. There’s no other place like it.

Jonnie Lawson '15

Ontario, Canada


Students of Color

Every one of my friends has something admirable and unique about them. Everyone has a passion, something they are good at, and they have a lot to say. Being around so many passionate people inspires you. It’s my favorite thing about Milton—people think what you do is cool, and what they like to do is cool, too.

Jake Daniels '15

Dedham, Massachusetts

States Represented at Milton

What I like best about the student-teacher relationship here is that it’s grounded in respect. It’s not a one-way street, where students simply respect the teacher. I respect them and their ideas. Milton students are so smart, so I set the bar high. They’ll meet my expectations, and then they’ll exceed them, which causes me to raise my game. This is good, because it keeps me on my toes!

Peter Parisi

Performing Arts Department Chair

Female / Male