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Visual Arts

Making Art, Using Every Sense

At Milton, art is everywhere, and that creation begins with a course of study incorporating hands-on learning, problem-solving, creativity and expression. Talented and passionate faculty—accomplished artists in their own right—guide students in traditional, contemporary and cross-disciplinary means of art-making. Foundational technical skills empower students to think creatively and critically, as they work through many, varied concept-and-design challenges. With introductory and advanced options in drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, architecture, sculpture and ceramics—augmented by technology-based classes in digital imaging, film and media—students focus on “making and creating” in large, state-of-the-art studio spaces, in Milton’s Art and Media Center. Faculty support both breadth and depth in their students’ learning, eliciting passion and skill in the novice artist, while challenging advanced students with sophisticated and developed artistic abilities.

Exhibition is a key part of the visual arts program. Hosting three major student art exhibitions each year, the program is enhanced by the renowned Nesto Gallery, which hosts professional and accomplished artists who also work with students in master classes throughout the year.

Visual Arts Facilities

Art and Media Center

Alive with the color, texture and energy of artwork, the Art and Media Center includes two common labs, split to create four spacious, natural light-filled classrooms and a digital media lab. The 45,000 square feet of space allows faculty members to have offices that double as studios.

Nesto Gallery

The Nesto Gallery, with its ambitious and multidisciplinary exhibit schedule, attracts viewers on the building’s lower level. Open since 1972, the Nesto Gallery hosts eight exhibitions a year, two of which are student exhibitions. The gallery has garnered metropolitan press attention. The Boston Globe and many South Shore papers highlight the gallery schedule and review the shows each year.

Arts Commons

Twice a year, students showcase their work in Arts Commons, located in the heart of the Kellner Performing Arts Center.