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Dining Menus

Click here to view daily, weekly and monthly menus for Forbes Dining Hall, Elliott Dining Hall and the Junior Building. View dining hours of operation.

Mobile App

Use the links below to download the “Touch of SAGE” dining app.

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Follow the instructions provided here for students and faculty or for parents on how to install and use the app. (Note to parents: Please use your own email address to register; a student email address is not required.)


Milton Academy’s catering services are managed by sage-logo. To view catering menus, submit catering requests, and order supplies, please visit

Click the arrow to meet the sage-logo management team.



sage-logo  Management Team

Peter Martineau

General Manager
SAGE Dining Services


Bill Carter

Executive Chef
SAGE Dining Services

Michelle Pompilus

Catering Director
SAGE Dining Services


Jack DeLisle

Assistant Director
SAGE Dining Services

SAGE Dining News

How do we keep the dining hall fresh and exciting?
Through our Seasonings events. Read about them here.
What should your athletes eat for performance, and when should they eat it?
We’ve got answers from SAGE registered dietitians here.
What do SAGE registered dietitians think about sports drinks and energy bars?
They take a food-first philosophy. Read about it here.
Milton is proud to partner with SAGE Dining Services®. SAGE, established in 1990, is the leading food service provider for independent schools and colleges throughout North America. SAGE’s unparalleled expertise in nutrition, sustainability, and culinary trends produces exceptional dining experiences that delight the senses, inspire minds, and foster community.

SAGE provides our School with customized, delicious, dietitian-approved meals, cooked from scratch using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Their talented chefs enhance mealtime with a wide array of options and flavors, including authentic Asian dishes, Latin American cuisine, and vegetarian and vegan fare. A monthly Educational Seasonings program explores food in cultural and historical contexts, and chefs often engage communities with exciting display cooking.

All SAGE team members have extensive training in food service protocols and food allergy awareness. Their open kitchen policy allows parents to schedule a time to visit and ask questions about inventories and preparation methods. SAGE’s comprehensive online allergen filter is an important tool that allows students and parents to filter all menus for allergens and choose safe meals.

Click here to view our menu, including the allergen filter, or download the “Touch of SAGE” mobile app for students and faculty or for parents. The app also allows you to favorite and recommend menu items, provide feedback, view events, and contact our SAGE dining manager.