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Around the table in the classroom, in laboratories, on fields, in studios, on stage and in your dorm, you’ll find friends and classmates who are smart, caring, opinionated, funny and talented in so many different ways. Milton students like to create, to problem-solve, to work hard, to laugh, and to try new things. They develop confidence in themselves and pride in their classmates. They’re generous, they celebrate, and they are continually surprising in the answers they develop. With so many ways to get involved at Milton, surrounded by so many encouraging people, you’ll find a niche just right for you.

We are delighted to share Milton with you. You’ll find that students at Milton are friendly, happy, and completely engaged with their work and their many activities. As one student told me, “I love the balance of this place. Academic standards are very high and we work tremendously hard, but we definitely have fun and laugh along the way.” He is right. At Milton, you’ll find a powerful, challenging academic experience together with a warm, supportive environment. You’ll work in small classes, with skilled, caring faculty to develop your analytical skills, your perspectives, your creativity and your awareness.

The power of the Milton experience grows out of remarkable relationships. Our teachers, coaches, house heads, advisors and friends get to know students well. They will inspire you, involve you and help you find out who you really are. Milton students love how different we all are: what our families and our backgrounds bring to the School community, and how the talents around us make our community so exciting. 

After immersing themselves in Milton’s opportunities, in and out of the classroom, Milton students graduate with the confidence in themselves and the competence to succeed at the most selective colleges and universities in the country. Beyond these further academic pursuits, “Dare to be true” is the idea Milton graduates never lose; they apply their spirit, skills and commitment to meaningful professions of all kinds. 

We hope to have the chance to meet you in person very soon. Come visit and learn first hand why students at Milton love their School, and feel the respect and support among students and faculty. We invite you to share Milton with us.