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Town of Milton

Located eight miles south of downtown Boston and nestled between the Neponset River and Blue Hills, the Town of Milton is home to approximately 27,000 residents. Birthplace of former United States President George H. W. Bush and architect and Milton Academy alumnus Buckminster Fuller, Milton is brimming with history. Numerous national publications have ranked the Town of Milton in their top 10 “Best Places to Live” in the United States.

Milton Academy and the Town of Milton have enjoyed a mutually beneficial and supportive relationship since the School’s founding in 1798. Did you know that the town’s first public school, established in 1866, was housed in a building Milton Academy donated to the town? 

The Academy’s commitment to being a good neighbor and to supporting the town endures.  Beyond welcoming neighbors and town organizations to its campus, the school annually makes substantial and voluntary cash donations to the town’s general fund and to the fire and police departments, the teen center, and library; in 2022-23 these totaled $250,000, representing the biggest contribution from any large non-profit organization located in the Town of Milton.  Each year, the school also makes cash and/or item donations to other organizations in the town that are aligned with the school’s mission. These donations total approximately $25,000 for Fiscal 2023. 

Milton Academy remains one of the area’s largest employers, and educates approximately 200 students who reside in the Town of Milton each year. Below, please find an infographic summarizing the school’s FY 2021 donations: 

The school’s campus, made up of academic, administrative, and athletic facilities, as well as faculty housing, is located on Centre Street at the intersection of Randolph Avenue. The school’s facilities and grounds are made available for personal use and to organizations within and outside the town, including youth sports. A mix of buildings and structures support the school in delivering its mission; accordingly, several of the houses located on main and east campus have been converted to administrative or multi-purpose uses.

The school’s Town-Academy Report, which is updated every two years, provides a detailed look at the school’s financial support and collaboration with the town and its residents. Please use the links provided on the right-hand side of this page to access recent Town-Academy Reports, Annual Donation letters sent to the Town’s Select Board, and other helpful information outlining the school’s support of the town and its residents.  

Town of Milton Departments Receiving Financial Donations from Milton Academy

Town of Milton website 

Town of Milton Fire 

Town of Milton Library 

Town of Milton Police 


Town-Academy report





Annual Town of Milton donation letters







Board of Assessors Q&A letters

During the 2020-2021 school year, the Town of Milton’s Board of Assessors requested detailed information to affirm that the school’s housing, both in-dorm and out-of-dorm, is vitally and essentially linked to the school’s boarding program.

Dec. 2020 letter from Milton Academy to Milton Board of Assessors

April 2021 letter from Milton Academy to Milton Board of Assessors