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Our Tour Guides

001Alli Reilly

Fun facts about Alli
Favorite academic subject: Biology with Mr. Edgar!

Favorite weekend activity: Beatnik (our open-mic night) — I love Beatnik because Milton students have such incredible musical talents, yet are so humble and supportive of each other. The environment is super fun and relaxed — a great way to end a long week

Most enjoyable extracurricular activity: Winter Dance Concert — students choreograph pieces in a variety of dance styles and the entire student body comes out to watch!

Favorite ice cream flavor: Black raspberry chip

#1 item on bucket list: Riding all of the world’s tallest roller coasters

002Chloe Brenner

Fun facts about Chloe

Favorite subject: I really like history and social science. This year, I am taking American and Comparative Government.

Favorite weekend activity: Glow Dance

Favorite extracurricular activity: Girls Varsity Tennis!

Favorite show to watch: How to get Away with Murder or Scandal

#1 item on bucket list: Visit Milton friends in Asia

003Ugur Gurol

Fun facts about Ugur
Favorite academic subject: Math

Favorite weekend activity: Improv Night

Most enjoyable extracurricular activity at Milton: Besides being a tour guide, writing for the Milton Measure

Favorite movie: Good Will Hunting.

Random fun fact: I was born in a country that is on two continents

004Margot Becker

Fun facts about Margot

Favorite subject: English

Favorite weekend activity: Open Rink Night

Most enjoyable extracurricular activity: Cross Country

Favorite Netflix show: Bojack Horseman

# 1 item on bucket list: Skydiving

005Celia Hoffman

Fun facts about Celia
Favorite subject: I love taking science and English classes at Milton. I especially loved my Organic Chemistry class.

Favorite weekend activity: I love going to watch Dance Concert every year.

Most enjoyable extracurricular activity: I love playing on the varsity volleyball team!

Favorite ice cream flavor: Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food

Favorite Netflix show to binge watch: Friends

006Lanie Cherry

Fun facts about Lanie
Favorite academic subject: Biology

Favorite weekend activity: The hypnotist

Most enjoyable extracurricular activity: Varsity soccer

Favorite ice cream flavor: Half Baked

Favorite movie: Titanic

007Caroline Heyburn

Fun facts about Caroline
Favorite academic subject: Comparative Government and Politics or Religions of the Middle East

Favorite weekend activity at Milton: Trivia Night

Most enjoyable extracurricular activity at Milton: The Public Issues Board, we bring speakers to campus to talk about politics, history and activism.

Favorite Netflix binge show: The West Wing

#1 item on bucket list: Climb the seven summits!

008Henry Cheung

Fun facts about Henry

Favorite academic subject: I like English, Latin, chemistry and biology. I really like in-class discussions, doing experiments, and just having fun in class.

Favorite weekend activity at Milton: Boat Dance

Most enjoyable extracurricular activity at Milton: Winter Dance Concert. It’s really fun to be in a dance choreographed by students and to meet new people.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Green Tea

Favorite movie: Still Human. It’s a movie about a paralyzed man and a domestic helper helping each other achieve their dreams.

009Shane O’Sullivan

Fun facts about Shane
Favorite academic subject: English

Favorite weekend activity at Milton: Carnival

Most enjoyable extracurricular activities at Milton: Hockey and baseball

Favorite movie: Good Will Hunting

#1 item on bucket list: Travel to Europe

010D’Anique Briggs

Fun facts about D'Anique
Favorite subject: Marine Science

Favorite weekend activity: Fall Carnival

Most enjoyable extracurricular activity: Basketball

Favorite cereal: Cinnamon Toast Crunch

#1 item on bucket list: I’d love to visit the Amazon Rainforest one day!

011Andrew Willwerth

Fun facts about Andrew
Favorite academic subject: Science, and my favorite Milton class is Organic Chemistry.

Favorite weekend activity: Improv night!

Most enjoyable extracurricular activity: The Milton Paper

Favorite Netflix show: The Office

Favorite ice cream flavor: J.P. Licks Salted Caramel Cookies and Cream

012Emma Yang

Fun facts about Emma
Favorite academic subject: Biology

Favorite weekend activity at Milton: Beatnik Café

Most enjoyable extracurricular activity at Milton: Volleyball!!

Favorite Netflix show: Blacklist

Random fun fact: I absolutely love coffee