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Our Tour Guides

Wilder Crosier

Fun facts about Wilder

Hometown: Wellesley, MA

Three words I use to describe Milton: Engaging, bountiful, and enriching.

Favorite place on campus: My favorite place on campus is the stonewall overlooking the North tennis courts. On a calm Spring afternoon you can relax there in the shade and enjoy a beautiful view of the fields and part of the Boston skyline.

Favorite Forbes meal: My favorite Forbes meal is chicken broccoli alfredo along with a crisp red apple and a very small cup of water with ice.

Favorite course: My favorite course was Ms. Goldenberg’s Literature and the Human Condition class. We read an eclectic mix of pieces about life, each one wonderfully rife with angst.

Favorite Milton memory: My favorite Milton memory is just relaxing on the quad on a beautiful Spring afternoon.

Activities: I play for the boys’ tennis team, I’m a peer tutor in science and writing, I’m part of our sustainability board, and I co-lead our preeminent science magazine, Helix.

Why I chose Milton: I chose Milton because throughout high school you change quite a lot, and you’re formed by the people around you. The Milton community is a pretty darn good group of people to push you academically, challenge (and form) your beliefs about the world, and shape you into an independent person. I also like the color blue.

Tapti Sen

Fun facts about Tapti

Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Three words I use to describe Milton: Fast-paced, Exciting, Home

Favorite place on campus: My dorm, Robbins, because it’s where I spend most of my time and where I’ve met some of the best people I know

Favorite Forbes meal: Corned Beef Hash

Favorite course: Sophomore Physics with Mr Duseau, because it ingrained a lot of useful skills for me to know at Milton, and because it was a great bonding experience

Favorite Milton memory: Picnicking on the quad with my friends and watching Beatstock at the end of the year

Activities: Aside from being a tour guide, I’m co-head of SAMENA (South Asian, Middle Eastern, and North African Students) Club, senior editor of The Milton Paper, co-editor-in-chief of Looseleaf, the Milton head of Woodblock Press, SECS Leader, board member of F-Word and Azaad, Cox Library volunteer, and a transitions mentor.

Why I chose Milton: My sister lives in the Boston area and as an international student, my parents wanted me to be near at least one of my family members.

Bill Eugene

Fun facts about Bill

Hometown: Hyde Park, Massachusetts

Three words I use to describe Milton: Inclusion, connections, supportive

Favorite location on campus: My advisor’s classroom because I enjoy spending time with my advisory mates and my advisor; we are always able to have a good time together

Favorite Forbes meal: Teriyaki and rice

Favorite course: Organic Chemistry because of the interesting topics that we covered, and how the class environment was so open to different ideas and thought processes

Favorite Milton memory: There are too many moments to remember, so I’m just going to say that really every moment with my advisory is a moment to remember.

Activities: I am part of varsity lacrosse and SECS

Why I chose Milton: The sense of community I could feel with the students when I visited campus

Ava DuBois

Fun facts about Ava

Hometown: Stonington, CT

Three words I use describe Milton: Welcoming, engaging, busy

Favorite place on campus: The track because when it’s warm out, my friends and I like to go on walks and hang out and talk on the track mats

Favorite Forbes meal: Pesto pasta from the salad bar

Favorite course: I loved my Reading Consciousness class with Mr. GwinnLandry because we had a great group of people and always had super interesting discussions while still having fun.

Favorite Milton memory: The night before winter break is one of my favorite nights of the year. Having Boarder Dinner, caroling, and the secret snowflake party all in one night always makes me feel super close with my dorm and we have a lot of fun.

Activities: I’m an editor-in-chief of the feminist magazine, The F-Word, a co-head of the Jewish Student Union, SECS leader, on the Magus Mabus literary board, a board member of the Habitat for Humanity club, and work as a peer writing tutor!

Why I chose Milton: I chose Milton because of the strength of community—especially within the dorms—that I felt on my revisit day.

Lauren Walker

Fun facts about Lauren

Hometown: Needham, MA

Three words I use to describe Milton: Supportive, collaborative, and welcoming.

Favorite place on campus: My favorite place on campus is the quad, especially on a sunny day, because it is a great place to eat lunch, do homework, and spend time with friends.

Favorite Forbes meal: Mac and Cheese.

Favorite course: My favorite courses at Milton are the lab-based science courses because of how fun, engaging, and hands-on they are.

Favorite Milton memory: My favorite Milton memory has been Milton-Nobles Day. Each year, I look forward to dressing up for spirit week during the week leading up to Milton-Nobles Day, cheering and chanting at our all-school pep rally, watching my classmates compete against our rivals on the day itself, and showing my school spirit and school pride.

Activities: I am editor-in-chief of Milton’s yearbook, head of Girls Who Code, a member of Habitat for Humanity, Development Ambassador, SECS member, and a member of Milton’s swim team.

Why I chose Milton: I came to Milton in the Lower School, but my family chose Milton because of Milton’s diversity in people and the views and experiences they bring as well as its strong academic reputation.

Annabelle Stoker

Fun facts about Annabelle

Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA

Three words I use to describe Milton: Supportive, Transformative, Beautiful!

Favorite place on campus: Hathaway House

Favorite Forbes meal: Panini (and vanilla soft serve!)

Favorite course: Advanced Statistics. My favorite subject has always been math, and I have especially loved my statistics classes because of all the real-life applications and the fun class atmospheres.

Favorite Milton memory: Some of my favorite moments at Milton have been on the little yellow couch in the entry room of my dorm. It’s a place where we congregate when we’re too tired to walk upstairs to our rooms to sing goofily, chat about our days, and eat cereal.

Activities: I am a co-head of the Sustainability Board and Invest in Girls. Every week, I use some of my free periods to go to the Taylor School to volunteer in a first grade classroom. During other free periods and after school, I tutor other Milton students in writing and math. I have participated in a few of Milton’s 3rds and JV sports teams, and have especially enjoyed playing tennis in the spring.

Why I chose Milton: I chose Milton because, of all the schools I toured and revisited, I thought Milton’s students seemed happiest.

Cam Babio

Fun facts about Cam

Hometown: Boston, MA

Three words I use to describe Milton: Captivating, gratifying, arduous

Favorite place on campus: Forbes Dining Hall because i’ve had some of my best conversations there

Favorite Forbes meal: Grilled cheese buffalo chicken and waffle fries

Favorite class: Spanish because i love learning about the Spanish culture

Favorite memory: Night before graduation every year because i love how the dorm really comes alive

Activities: Spikeball Club, peer group, basketball, brother-sister bonding.

Why i chose Milton: i love the community feel

Josie Vogel

Fun facts about Josie

Hometown: Brookline, MA

Three words I use to describe Milton: Exciting, intellectual, energizing

My favorite place on campus: Forbes Dining Hall because I love having a break in the middle of the day when I can sit and talk to friends

Favorite Forbes meal: I love their grilled cheeses!

Favorite course: My favorite course I’ve taken is Activism for Justice in the Digital Age. I loved this course because not only did I learn about issues facing our city, country, and world today, but my teacher, Ms. Geyling-Moore, led us to different service sites so we could see what leaders are doing to help solve issues such as climate change and homelessness.

Favorite Milton memory: One of my favorite Milton memories was when Ms. Polk held our American Lit class outside. We discussed Ralph Waldo Emerson while walking around campus!

Activities: I run cross country, play squash, and play lacrosse. I am co-head of Lorax club and a senior editor for the Milton Measure!

Why I chose Milton: I chose Milton because I loved how as a day student I could be a part of a place with people from so many backgrounds, towns, countries, and continents!

Jamie Lim

Fun facts about Jamie

Hometown: Seoul, Korea

Three words I use to describe Milton: Fun, diverse, happy

Favorite place on campus: Wolcott house—this is my dorm and where my favorite memories come from

Favorite Forbes meal: hamburger with cajun fries

Favorite course: Global Economics. I really enjoyed learning about global interaction through economics and international politics that comes along

Favorite Milton memory: Eating munchkins and hanging out with my advisory and Grover (my advisor’s dog)

Activities: I am the founder of Music Production Club (MPC), and I am involved in many music related activities on campus like Magus Mabus.

Why I chose Milton: The beautiful quad in front of my dorm, and on revisit day, I really liked the harmony in the dorms I witnessed.

Garrett Doherty

Fun facts about Garrett

Hometown: Boxford, MA

Three words I use to describe Milton: Inclusive, Encouraging, Lively

Favorite place on campus: My favorite place on campus is the Pritzker Science Building because I’m able to look through the glass walls of the classes and see what interesting labs students are performing

Favorite Forbes meal: Chicken Parm

Favorite course: My favorite course has been Advanced Chemistry because it gave me an opportunity to take labs into my own hands and explore my interests.

Favorite Milton memory: My favorite Milton memory is winning the ISL Football Championship and celebrating with my coaches and teammates on the field.

Activities: In addition to being a tour guide, I am the dorm monitor for Norris House, SECS head, and football captain.

Why I chose Milton: I chose Milton because after visiting campus a few times, I was confident in the strength of the community—which I believe is one of the most important things to have in your life.

Thea Chung

Fun facts about Thea

Hometown: Milton, MA

Three words I use to describe Milton: Curious, compassionate, authentic

Favorite Place: Straus balcony! On warm days, I love sitting on the balcony with friends, watching students gather in the sun on the quad below.

Favorite Forbes meal: Fried sweet and sour tofu

Favorite Course: Biology honors 🙂 I absolutely loved the ways in which my Biology class challenged me to think critically about current scientific questions.

Favorite Milton memory: My favorite Milton memory is watching and participating in our Beatnik open mic night my freshman year! Sitting on the quad that warm spring night, I was so impressed by all the musical talent and support of our community.

Activities: Magus Mabus Music Board (for organizing Beatniks and the student album!), Magus Mabus Art Board, Ep!c A cappella, Speech and Debate, Community Engagement, Tutor Milton, and lacrosse

Matthew O’Rourke

Fun facts about Matthew

Hometown: Dedham, MA

Three words to describe Milton: Accessible, connected, and bustling

Favorite place on campus: I love the Quad, especially in spring, because there’s always something going on. I love joining SAA activities or games of ultimate frisbee with my friends.

Favorite Forbes meal: Chicken and Waffles

Favorite course: Mankind in the Natural World is my favorite Milton class because keeping up with journal assignments was a relaxing way to end my week that ended up teaching me about the way I reflect.

Favorite Milton memory: My favorite Milton memory was seeing Dance Concert for the first time. I loved seeing, and hearing, how everyone enthusiastically supported all the performers.

Activities: Gaia/ISSC, Outdoor Program, ISS, boys’ JV soccer, boys’ squash, and Investment Club

Why I chose Milton: I chose Milton because I could easily shape my experience and get involved in many areas of the school. Studying at Milton has allowed me to participate in transformative service trips, study-abroad exchanges, and a semester away program, in addition to sports teams and all of the school’s on- and off-campus activities during the year. I am so happy that I have taken advantage of some of the many opportunities that Milton offers.