Lower and Middle School Parents’ Associations


Welcome to the Lower School and Middle School Parents’ Associations

The Lower and Middle School Parents’ Associations are volunteer organizations of parents that are dedicated to enhancing the community for students, faculty and parents. Funded primarily by annual dues, all parents are members of the Parent Association. Our mission is to welcome new families, keep parents informed about what’s happening, provide opportunities to get together and offer meaningful and relevant programs for our community. The Parent Associations host regular open meetings and speakers as well as community and social events throughout the academic year. Please join us at our meetings or volunteer to help! Email miltonparentsassociation_ls@milton.edu or miltonparentsassociation_ms@milton.edu for more information.


Fall Parent Social (6-8): a grown-up social for Middle School parents held while middle school students attend
their own social (November)

Fireside Chat (K-8): an evening with the Head of School and Principals (November or December)

Skating Party (K-8): a weekend skating party for families (January)

Spring Parent Social (K-8): a fun community event for parents, faculty and administration (March)

Faculty Appreciation Reception (K-8): a “thank you” from the parents for faculty and staff (April/May)

See You in September Picnic (K-8): end of year event to say “good-bye” and welcome new families (May/June)

Volunteer Opportunities

Diversity and Inclusion Committees (Lower and Middle School)

Library Volunteers (Lower School)

School Photos (Lower and Middle School)

Grade 5 Play (Grade 5)

Grade Level Class Representatives (Lower and Middle School)

Host Family Coordinator (Lower and Middle School)

Speech Liaisons (Middle School)

Drama Liaisons (Middle School)

Athletic Liaisons (Middle School)

Grade 8 Move Up (Grade 8)


Lower School Parents' Association Leadership, 2017-2018

Executive Committee:

Chair: Charlie Cain, P ’25, ’28

Vice Chair: Kostas Geroukos, P ’18, ’19, ’29

Treasurer (K-8): Debora Scudiere, P ‘ 26

Faculty Support Coordinator: Christine Schoettle, P ’23, ’24, ’26, ’28

Development Ambassador: Daniele Serafini, P ’27, ’30

Admissions Ambassador: Georgia Feldman, P ’28, ’30

Culture and Community Chair: Raynya Simmons, P ’21, ’24, ’26



Class Representatives:

Kindergarten: Jessica Trach, P ’28, ’30 & Stacia MacNaught, P ’29, ’30

Grade 1: Veronica Geroukos, P ’18, ’19, ’29 & Mica Green, P ’29

Grade 2: Georgia Feldman, P ’28, ’30 & Hannah Wick, P ’25, ’28

Grade 3: Stephanie Truesdell, P ’27 & Andrea Ptaszek, P ’27

Grade 4: Courtney Winter, P ’22, ’23, ’25, ’26 & Amanda Growdon, P ’26, ’29

Grade 5: Lisa Donovan, P ’25, ’29 & Andrea Brodeur, P ’25

Middle School Parents' Association Officers, 2017-18

Executive Committee:

Co-Presidents: Alison Siegel & Eve Waterfall

Treasurer (K-8): Debora Scudiere