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Discussion on Race, Identity and Inclusion with Rodney Glasgow

Discussion on Race, Identity and Inclusion with Rodney Glasgow

A noted educator, speaker and facilitator on issues of diversity and equity, Rodney Glasgow is on campus this week working with students, faculty, staff and administrators on issues of race and identity. Milton’s administration engaged Mr. Glasgow in response to events this week, in which many Upper School students demonstrated through peaceful sit-ins—a result of rising tensions and incidents of what students viewed as insufficient disciplinary response.

In this morning’s assembly, Mr. Glasgow addressed the entire Upper School, beginning with personal stories illustrating the strength and power of racial epithets—both as someone who bullied at one school and was bullied at another. He spoke about owning one’s own actions; the power of forgiveness; and understanding one another. He then invited students to share their personal experiences from the week—some who had participated in the sit-in and some who had not.

“The privilege of being in this community is that you can make the community what you want it to be,” said Mr. Glasgow.

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