Milton Students Earn Nods From Scholastic Art & Writing Board

hawkinsBy Kate Higgins (I) and Hannah Nigro (II)

Thirty-four Milton students received recognition—Gold Key, Silver Key, or Honorable Mention—in the Massachusetts Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards began in 1923 and are considered the most prestigious arts awards for teenagers in the country.

Will Hawkins (I) and Brian Kim (II) are both Gold Key recipients in art. In Advanced Drawing class with Mr. Torney, Will created “Help!” a drawing that depicts strokes of black ink splashed across the paper with a hand reaching out, emerging from one particular stroke. If you look closely, you can just make out a small boat in the distance. Will explains that the boat “gives a sense of uncertain hope, where the boat seems close, yet the person is almost completely submerged.” This piece is the result of experimentation with India ink and unorthodox tools such as a mop, cups, sponges and cloth. Mr. Torney described Will’s piece as “a wonderful example of simplicity and wit, seemingly spontaneous but actually quite deliberate, considered and sophisticated.” Will noted that this particular piece was one of many he created in which he was “exploring the emotions behind life’s struggles and trying to bring out the visceral nature of fear and being overwhelmed.” Brian’s piece, “Peek-A-Boo” is “a technical triumph” according to Mr. Torney. Brian used the photorealistic grid transfer process to combine a photo of his current head and the body of himself as a baby to create a surreal self-portrait.

Milton students fared extremely well in the writing category with Sophie Cloherty (II), Julia Grace (I), Hannah Iafrati (I), Jiyoung Jeong (II), Chloe Kim (III), Eliza Scharfstein (II), Tiara Sharma (II) and Alexandra Upton (IV)  all receiving Gold Key awards for their pieces. Many of these pieces stemmed from the writers’ personal experiences, which, as Chloe says, “proves that writers must write about what they know.” Her Gold Key-winning poem, “Roseville, Minnesota, 2003” stemmed from creative writing teacher Mr. Connolly’s encouragement to write a poem based on a photograph. Chloe took this opportunity write about a photograph of her cousin and herself. The two of them had fallen apart and she used her poem to explore the reason behind this. Her second Gold Key poem, “First Lesson,” balances both truth and lies. She uses her true experience of learning to draw stars from her mother to explore the lessons she learned. The poem ends with Chloe’s sad realization that her mother taught her everything except how to remember her after her death. In reality, however, her mother is very much alive.

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Battling Robots at a Bruins Game?

robotMilton's Robotics Team demonstrated their robots in action at the Providence Bruins hockey game on Presidents' Day. The team was invited to attend the game and then used a dedicated space in the lobby between periods to show hockey fans what their robots can do. 

The team uses and competes with the VEX Robotics system. They designed this demonstration as a competition between two of their robots, to determine which would score the most points on a designed course. Carson Prindle (IV) and Truman Marshall (IV) were the robot drivers and the robots's goal was to stack cubes on a pole or get the cubes past a line to score points.  To change it up a bit, the team allowed the robots to “steal” cubes to take away points. 

According to team co-heads and founders Juliana Rogoff (II ) and Ravi Rahman (II), the crowd was really engaged as the robots battled it out. Juliana and Mark Massa (II) (also a co-head and founder) yelled out the updated score and kept the crowd informed of the robots' progress.

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John P. Reardon ’56 Receives the Milton Medal

jack_reardonOn January 23, the Milton Academy Board of Trustees awarded the Milton Medal to Jack Reardon, Class of 1956—a longtime trustee and a wise and loyal supporter of his School.

Head of School Todd Bland recalled the dinner meeting in 2008 that he and his wife, Nancy, shared with Jack Reardon and Board President Brad Bloom—an evening which solidified Todd’s decision to serve as Milton’s head of school. He spoke about the supportive care and insight that Jack reliably and generously provided throughout Todd’s last six years. Similarly, Brad Bloom credited Jack with his own willingness to assume the presidency of Milton’s board. Brad noted, in particular, Jack’s ability and willingness to listen, and his effectiveness in helping institutions understand what challenges should be addressed, and what changes should occur. “Four heads of school—Ed Fredie, Robin Robertson, Rick Hardy and Todd Bland—and four board presidents—Harold Janeway, Marshall Schwarz, Fritz Hobbs and I—sought his counsel,” Brad said. “In every conversation, public or private, Jack is steady, calm, and focused on the point. He responds with candor, wisdom and sensitivity, regardless of the issue. He frames the importance of a decision in few but relevant words. We all try to understand the full measure of each of those words.”

As he delivered the Milton Medal Award, Brad summoned Mr. Frank Millet’s words about Jack from just that week: “Jack has a wonderful way with people. When you talk with him, you know that you have his full attention. If you want something, he will do the best he can to honor that. He’s regularly in contact with many people and he has many friends. He understands the essence of a person, no matter the person’s age. He’s been devoted to Milton since 1956. He’s a very loyal person.”

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